Hall of Historical Figures

Each of the people represented here have given something unique to our community. Some of them are good, some are evil. Most have left us over the years, but the memories of what they helped to achieve live on with us, good and evil alike. In this spirit, the Hansonian Institute presents the Hall of Historical Figures, a biographical index of some of the most influential people in our history.

If you have information on any of these persons, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. Part of this project depends upon your support!

Entries are listed Alphabetically according to first name only. Titles like Sir, Lord, Lady, and Sage are not used for alphabetic placement. I.E. Sage Humbolt is in the "H" section.

While we try to keep the list as complete as possible, there are many persons who do not have an entry. If you see a "no data available" or "Error fourhundred four" there is no entry for that subject.


  1. Adranath
    Meer Sorcerer.

  2. Alec DeLeon
    Long-time Commissioner of the Royal Britannian Kilted Police.

  3. Alkart Ashcroft
    Mysterious Loner.

  4. Andrew Jollier
    Philanthropist who built the Skara Brae Fairgrounds.

  5. Anmac Mallachtan
    Noncoporeal being in league with Juo'Nar.

  6. Anon
    Grandmaster mage involved in the project to create a facet gate.

  7. Arya Dawnsinger
    Bard with a missing love.

  8. Ariyana Sune
    Leather-clad Temptress.

  9. Lady Averra
    Benevolent Alchemist.

  10. Azhur the Dragon
    Dragon enslaved by Mordread the Lich.

  1. Ba'ab
    Another noncoporeal friend to Juo'Nar

  2. Basil Stag Hare
    Founder of the Cult of the Black Dragon.

  3. Bram Stormgald
    Last guildmaster of Trinsic's Paladin Guild.

  4. The Black One
    Etherial dragon embodying the principle of Chaos.

  5. Lord Blackthorn
    One-time friend to Lord British turned cyborg machination.

  6. Branson One-Thumb
    Digitally challenged fellow who gave up the FoA for love.

  7. Branwen
    Virtuous Buxom Policewoman.

  8. Brialla
    Early Britannian who discovered the North Mines.

  9. Lord British
    Longest ruling monarch in Sosarian history.

  1. Cantas Nightsong
    The Missing Love of Arya Dawnsinger.

  2. Carde of Skara Brae
    World-renowned travelling artist.

  3. Clanin
    Nystul's Apprentice

  4. Crimson Shroud
    Antagonist to Cantas and Arya.

  5. Crawworth
    Captain of the Trinsic guard, and explorer of the Lost Lands.

  1. Dasha
    Meer Heroine.

  2. Dawn
    Abrupt Hero.

  3. Doyl Beita
    Royal Tinker who crafted the 300th anniversary plates.

  4. Dupre
    Paladin, Companion of Honor, and trusted friend to Lord British.

  5. Duryn
    FoA Assassin.

  6. Sir Duquelle
    Investigator who got to close to the FoA and was murdered.

  1. EdGuardo
    The last Dragon Knight to fall.

  2. Elijah
    Longest General for the Royal Knights of Britannia.

  3. Enshu Ponfar
    First Mayor of Yew.

  4. Exodus
    Technological Machine from the future, built in the past.

  1. The Faithful Ogrelord
    The Living Hand of Hebban Olla.

  2. Finth Desryn
    Captain of the Trinsic Guard.

  3. Fixxxer
    Overseer of Tar Valon.

  1. Gavin the Bard
    Bard of Yew.

  2. Gem
    Head of the Fishing Council of Britannia.

  3. Geoffrey
    Companion of Valor, and Captain of Lord Britishes guard.

  4. Gilforn
    Inventor of the Stable Facet Gate.

  5. Goldberry
    Gossip-loving adventurer.

  6. The Gold One
    Etherial dragon embodying the principle of Order.

  7. Gondor
    Kidnapper of Lord Nicolus.

  8. Gorenck
    FoA Assassin.

  9. Grak da Blak
    One of the Black Ones generals.

  10. Gren Pice
    Britannian Animal Rights Activist.

  11. Grimmoch Drummel
    Explorer of Dungeon Khaldun.

  12. G'Ruagak
    Youngest Troll Brother.

  13. G'Splat
    Troll Brother.

  14. G'Thunk
    Troll Brother.

  15. Gunther the Squire
    Blacksmith for the Order Guards.

  1. Halston Montil
    Lead Investigator in the FoA case.

  2. Hartham
    Captain of the Trinsic Guard.

  3. Hawkwind, the Time Lord
    Etherial being from another reality.

  4. Heather
    Head merchant for the Cove Merchant Guild.

  5. Hebban Olla
    Raging evil from an age long past.

  6. Sage Humbolt
    Mage who defeated Lathiari and Kyrnia.

  7. Hoyt
    Strongarm for Akron the Lich.

  1. Ilshen
    Ancient figurehead of Ilshenar.

  2. India West
    Librarian at the Magincia Library.

  3. Inniluki
    Undead High Priest serving Hebban Olla.

  4. Iolo
    Famous bard, fletcher, and companion of Compassion.

  5. Iryn
    No Data Available

  1. Jacinda the Druid
    Druid of the First Age.

  2. Jakob Covenant
    Master of the Highland Guard.

  3. Japheth of Trinsic
    Early Paladin of Trinsic.

  4. Jill Ashcroft
    Druid and Writer of Yew.

  5. Joye the Librarian
    Oppressed Librarian.

  6. Julia
    Companion of Sacrifice.

  7. Junin Pince
    A member of the FoA.

  8. Juo'Nar
    Renegade Dark Paladin turned lich.

  1. Kabur
    Jukan Warlord.

  2. Kaltar the Gazer Fiend
    Minax' general responsible for the subjugation of Cove.

  3. Kazola
    The most prominent Tavern owner of her time.

  4. Keeonean
    Minax' general responsible for the subjugation of Yew.

  5. Kelsey
    First Mayor of Skara Brae.

  6. Krista
    Prominent Establishment Owner.

  7. Kyrnia
    Sibling to Lathiari.

  1. Lathiari
    Lich of the First Age.

  2. Leshyani Rianne
    Guildmaster for the Sisters of Enchantment

  3. Lysander Gathenwale
    Explorer of Khaldun.

  1. Malabelle
    Minax' redeemed apprentice.

  2. Marconus Macbeth
    Founder of Arcodia.

  3. Mariah
    Companion of Honesty.

  4. Marlo
    No Data Available

  5. Martoo Saul
    Member of the FoA.

  6. Maximillian of Yew
    Longest incumbant mayor of Yew.

  7. Minax
    Would be invader from an alien facet.

  8. Mondain
    Son of Wolfgang and near conqueror of Ancient Sosaria.

  9. Mordain
    Head of the Temple of Mondain

  10. Mordead the Liche
    Slayer of Rhysarts Family and enslaver of Azhur the Dragon.

  11. Morg Bergen
    Explorer of Khaldun.

  1. Nero of Tenebrae
    Leading General of the Order of the Silver Serpent.

  2. Lord Nicolus
    Benevolent philanthopist with a bowl full of jelly.

  3. Noleeens
    Proprietor of the Sandlewood Box

  4. Nystul
    The Royal court mage of Lord British.

  1. Oberon the Healer
    Innocent victim of Hebban Olla.

  2. Oona
    Leader of the Royal Knights of Redemption

  3. Outy Rex Regis
    Founder of The UnRuled.

  1. Palor
    Founder of of Riverveil.

  2. Panille Leovant
    One-time head of the Trinsic Town Militia.

  1. Ra'Dian Fl'Gith
    Blue-bearded Cultist of the Azure Dragon.

  2. Red Devil
    Founder of the Auction house of the same name.

  3. Redlowwinski
    One-time Mayor of Wind.

  4. Red William
    The most controversial man in Britannia.

  5. Relvinian
    Creator of the Hedge Maze.

  6. Renenutet
    Stalwart Royal Knight.

  7. Reszni
    Investigator in charge of the Lord Nicolus Kidnapping case.

  8. Rhysart the Hermit
    Aged Hermit and sole survior of his family.

  9. Robert d'Guy
    No Data Available

  10. Ryak
    Founder of the Sandlewood Box

  1. Sabbathius
    Founder of the Order of the Gold Dragon

  2. Saimanius
    No Data Available

  3. Selzanhik
    Expert Interrogator.

  4. Seth
    No Data Available

  5. Sherry the mouse
    Prolific Sentient Rodent.

  6. Shakkar
    Founder of Tar Valon.

  7. Shalis Lilias
    Pickpocket and storyteller Extraordinaire.

  8. Shamino
    Companion of Spirituality and trusted advisor to Lord British.

  9. Shannon
    No Data Available

  10. Silverbrook
    Magincian Philanthropist.

  11. Smythe Skepfen
    Founder of the Cap and Dagger Casino.

  12. The Stranger
    Savior of Ancient Sosaria from another world.

  1. Tal'Ma'Ra
    The Founder of the Temple of Mondain

  2. Tatia
    Good-hearted Gypsy waif.

  3. Tavara Sewell
    Explorer of Khaldun.

  4. Telubriel
    Demon Hunter and accomplished Demonologist.

  5. Theo
    Longest incumbant Mayor of Trinsic.

  6. Trugagh
    A Founding chieftain of the largest Orc Clan.

  7. Tyball
    Malabelle's missing lover.

  1. Uulthur Malphane
    Warlord of the Vesper area in Early Britannia.

  2. Uzeraan
    a mage known for his riddles.

  1. Willa of the Yew Wood
    Previous mayor of Yew and Archery advocate.

  2. Sage Winslow
    Sage Humbolts assistant.

  3. Wolfgang
    King of Akalabeth.

  1. Xyntar
    A Founder of the M'Kabi tribe.

  1. Zelmunda
    King of the Lizardmen

  2. Zendella Kxriss
    A member of the FoA.

  3. Zog
    Prehistoric Britannian who destroyed the world.