Mysterious Demon Hunter

Race: Human
Birthplace: unknown
Home: Thuriaz Monastery
Occupation: Demon Hunter
Alignment: unknown
Affiliations: The UnRuled (TUR)
Known For: Killing Demons
Present status: unknown

Seer Character
Effective Era: Renaissance
Biographical Information
Courtesy Great Lakes Community News

Telubriel is a Demon Hunter. He has been a benefactor of the virtuous citizens of our lands. He helped to find Turme and encouraged the questors to resurect the ghost of the warrior so that he could help them defeat Kuraazg, a daemon that was plaguing various player run establishments. Since that time, Telubriel has been seen at the Sandlewood Box during or shortly after strange appearances of flocks of birds and ghostly attacks of spectres, wraiths and hellhounds.

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