Magincian property owner, philantropist, and librarian.

Race: Unknown
Birthplace: Nujel'm
Home: Magincia
Occupation: Patron of the Arts
Alignment: Good
Affiliations: High Council of Britannia
Known For: Preserving Magincia's Library
Present status: Active

Player Character
Effective Era: Renaissance to Present
Biographical Information
by Silverbrook

Little is known about Silverbrook before she appeared on Britannian soil. Many rumors exist about her origins, with very few knowing much about her. Tales such as her being born to a noble family on Nujel'm to even whispers of her being an ancient deity of sorts are abound. Regardless of early years, Silverbrook tends not to comment on it other than stating she 'walked from the sands'. Many notice immediately that her demeanor is calm, almost indifferent at times. She rarely speaks in anything other than a smooth, even tone. Like many native to Nujel'm, she has dark bronzed skin, though it is set off by silvery white hair and ice blue eyes.

Silverbrook gained minor notoriety for tending to the books of the Magincia Library and Museum after its chief librarian, India West, left the lands. Her travels across Britannia led her to the High Council, where eventually she took a greater role upon Magincia and even held a tenure as councilor of the isle. Silverbrook also was known for being a major force in holding back Caradon's armies when they assaulted the island.

Currently Silverbrook's main role is that of cultivating the best interests of Magincia. From her palace by Magincia's shores she works at bringing together the people of Sosaria by investing much of her time in promoting the arts as well as many other events for the public. In addition, though she rarely leaves Nujel'm and Magincia, she still can be counted on in order to assist her allies beyond the shores of her homes.

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