Strongarm for Akron the Lich

Race: Human
Birthplace: unknown
Home: unknown
Occupation: Dark Paladin
Alignment: Evil
Affiliations: the UnRuled (TUR)
Known For: Helping Akron the Lich
Present status: unknown

Seer Character
Effective Era: The Second Age
Biographical Information
Courtesy Great Lakes Community News

Hoyt is a paladin who commanded hordes of hellhounds in the service of his master Akron the lich. He didn't seem to have evil from within, and even fought beside TUR citizens in battles against Minax's minions. He was last seen shortly after the battle between Akron and Altross the Pheonix, whereupon they both died. TUR village rejoiced in the death of Akron but mourned the loss of their friend and ally, Atross. Hoyt has not been seen since.

Interview with Tristam of TUR Village the day before the great battle of Akron and Atross:

Tristam: So just how did you get into his service? (serving as strong arm for Akron the lich)
Hoyt: Well..
Tristam: I know you were hunting Gilberto.....

Hoyt: I was born into a middle class family. Normal.. just like all the other kids. Sometime in my late teens, a band of Brigands attacked and killed my family.. I ran and got away.. A wandering band of Gypsys found me cold and alone, and raised me, being a strong lad, to be their bodyguard.. I grew up good with the sword.. keeping my band very safe.. but then, one day, the fates brought us to camp too close to a liches lair. He killed my band and agreed to spare me if I agreed to become a dark paladin and serve him..
Tristam: Ah...
Hoyt: He was the one who sent me after Gilberto.
Tristam: Then why... the first time you came.... you did not sport the Ebon (blade)?
Hoyt: I did not fear Atross.
Tristam: You appeared a simple bounty hunter
Hoyt: I did not know he had influence here.
Tristam: Ah
Hoyt: I had my ebon blade and shield.
Tristam: Tucked away? Or disguised?
Hoyt: Oh no, twas on me from day one. 'Twas only the armor that wasn't ebon.
Tristam: Ah, They looked..... diffrent then.
Tristam: *shrugs*
Hoyt: Anyway, the enchantments... that are on my armor, they make me invulnerable to pheonixes.
Hoyt: And my blade, forged of Ebon, permanently slays them.
Tristam: Permanently?
Hoyt: I needed this for the task of taking Gilberto... Aye, permanently.
Tristam: Not even burning them?
Hoyt: They will never rise again... if slain with this blade.
Hoyt: *looks at the blade in the sheath*
Tristam: *shudders*
Tristam: Not a pleasent thought... But, what of Gilberto?
Hoyt: I succeeded in taking Gilberto..
Tristam: If I remember correctly.... you said he had plans on him?
Hoyt: but, one day, when I was here threatening the people of TUR, he escaped... I then learned he died of a disease..
Tristam: Oh! You were the hellhound then!
Hoyt: so I came back to vent my anger on the TURs. oOer time, ye have convinced me to second guess my master, and I saw that indeed, he had no plans for me after the rituals. And, we are where we are today.
Tristam: Aye, what was the importance of Gilberto? I have often wondered.
Hoyt: I was never told. Akron never let me know his entire plans.
Tristam: You did seem... rather put out that his body was not found. I thought you mentioned he had a book or something...
Hoyt: Aye, because my master was not pleased.
Tristam: Ah. No head to bring back
Hoyt: My master mentioned to retrieve the book.. For he may have written something in it.
Tristam: Have you any idea what it may have been about?
Hoyt: I haven't the foggiest, I am imagining it was about The Way..
Tristam: Aye...
Hoyt: but, that is pure speculation
Tristam: Makes sense.
Hoyt: Now, I see Atross here, trying to get me away from this place.. and it makes me wonder why..
Tristam: Leave Atross be...
Hoyt: I do not know if you heard me say..
Tristam: Let him puff and bluster.
Hoyt: but The Way is the home of the Lost Phoenixes, Phoenixes that cannot or will not ressurrect for whatever reason.
Tristam: Oh?!
Hoyt: I heard Akron say this. "Slay the Phoenixes with that blade.. send them to the way.. there I can feed on their power"
Tristam: I see... That would be a very good reason for Atross to want it.
Hoyt: *nods*
Hoyt: But I am not one to pass judgement on Atross.. He has not done me wrong.. Hoyt: yet
Tristam: I ask that you just don't talk to Atross. And ignore him.
Hoyt: I do not plan on it.
Tristam: No matter the outcome of a battle between the two of you.
Hoyt: I would come out the loser.
Tristam: Would be useless to all sides.
Hoyt: *nods*
Tristam: Nothing good or beneficial would be accomplished.
Hoyt: I will not initiate battle.. I come unarmed..
Tristam: Excellent.
Hoyt: I plan to stay that way.
Tristam: But, this shall all end tomorrow, I pray.
Hoyt: Let us hope.
Tristam: We have deamons to fight, dragons to slay, shrines to cleanse. TUR is a powerful force that is needed elsewhere.
Tristam: *grins*
Hoyt: *nods*
Tristam: I believe we can take him. Unless he flees. That is all I fear.
Hoyt: If this all works out, I would have no problems helping you with your quest against Minax.
Tristam: That would be most welcome.
Tristam: *smiles*
Tristam: How was the Ebon forged?
Hoyt: I do not know.. 'Twas given to me.
Tristam: When did you get it?
Hoyt: When I was given the quest to capture Gilberto.
Tristam: How long had you been in his service?
*Edgar runs up to the conversation*
Edgar: who gave it too u?
Tristam: I did Edgar
Edgar: oh
Tristam: *puts finger to lips*
Edgar: his armor?
Tristam: You only think you know who I am.
Tristam: *grins*
Edgar: oh, nifty.
Tristam: Watch you back and run along now. 'N be quick about it.
Edgar: u cant be serious
Tristam: *grins*
Tristam: Think what you will
Hoyt: I am afraid he is.
Tristam: *shrugs*
Edgar: hmm
Edgar: i thought it was wierd when u started wearing armor trist
Tristam: Should we go back and report to Akron, Hoyt?
Edgar: u said u didnt wear it
Tristam: We seem to have them quite fooled
Hoyt: *scratches his head*
Tristam: *grins*
Hoyt: what was that?
Tristam: *shrugs*
Tristam: I have no idea
Tristam: *clears throat*
Tristam: So how long have you served him?
Hoyt: It has been at least 10 years..
Tristam: Akron?
Hoyt: He has trained me.
Tristam: Aye
Hoyt: *looks around*
Hoyt: well.. now that it seems Atross has left..
Hoyt: I can at least show you I am human.
Tristam: Why thank you.
Hoyt: *looks around again*
Hoyt: Do not believe Atross when he says that I am not from this place.
Hoyt: I am..
Hoyt: I have just been... enhanced.. 'Tis more of a curse than ye would think.
Tristam: I understand.
Hoyt: well.. maybe not you.. but most.
Hoyt: *smiles*
Tristam: Serving a lich for 10+ years... would do strange things to a person I would think.
Hoyt: Well.. I should get to my meeting with him.. Mayhaps he will still think I am with him.
Tristam: Aye. Good luck to you.
Tristam: *grins*
Hoyt: *nods*
Tristam: Fare thee well.
Hoyt: See ye tomorrow good sir

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