Britannian Literature
by Lionel Alazraham

Many are the collected written works of Britannians. We love to write! We write about big things, inconsequential things, world-changing events, and even about our favorite meals. It would be a folly to try to list here, in this exhibit the plethora of all works created. Instead, we will focus on only the most widespread or profound works surviving in Britannia today.

Many of these selections you may have read before.. you might even find them on your own bookshelf. Others you might not know even existed. In either case, you're in for a treat, as also contained here is the content of each book. Where appropriate I shall make my own commentary on the subjects. So, without further ceremony, I present you the index.

  1. A Welcome by Lord Blackthorn
    The newly "improved" Lord Blackthorn welcomes members of the Trusted to his ranks, and explains his corrupted motivations.

  2. A Politic Call to Anarchy by Lord Blackthorn
    One of Lord Blackthorn's first works describes his humble opposition to the 8 virtues as described by Lord British.

  3. On the Diversity of Our Land by Lord Blackthorn
    In this work, Lord Blackthorn describes his hopes for peaceful coexistance among human and non-human races.

  4. Virtue by Lord British
    A detailed explaination of the 8 virtues, described by Lord British himself.

  5. Beltran's Guide to Guilds by Beltran
    Here, Beltran lists the various guilds of his day and describes their signage.

  6. Classic Tales of Vesper: Volume 1 by Clarke Printery
    A reprinted poem tale that was once quite popular in Vesper. reface by Guilhem the Scholar.

  7. Dimensional Travel: A Monograph by Dryus Doost
    The definitive work on moongate travel during the first and second ages.

  8. Treatise on Alchemy by Felicia Hierophant
    The author describes various alchemical formulae, some still in use today.

  9. Classic Children's Tales: Volume 2 by Clarke Printery
    Guilhem the Scholar offers commentary on a Children's Rhyme.

  10. Talking to Wisps by Heigel
    A study of the Wisp language.

  11. Britannian Flora: A Casual Guide by Herbert the Lost
    Herbert the Lost describes the properties of various flora in Britannia.

  12. The Ranking of Trades by Lord Higginbotham
    A explaination of how Britannians ranked the skill trades during much of our history.

  13. The Wild Girl of the Forest by Horace
    Horace describes his encounter with a band of orcs. Part of the Japheth series.

  14. A Tale of Three Tribes by Janet
    This book tells of an animated skeleton at the bottom of Despise.

  15. The Burning of Trinsic by Japheth
    Japheth recounts his experiences during an early orc invasion of Trinsic. Part of the Japheth series.

  16. The Fight by M. De La Garza
    A short work describing a battle during ancient times.

  17. A Primer on Arms by Martin
    A guide for the beginner in the selection of a fine weapon.

  18. Deceit: A Dungeon of Horrors by Justin
    The author provides several secrets and tricks tu surviving a trip into Deceit.

  19. The Bold Stranger by Fabio
    The humorous tale of the bold stranger and his demise.

  20. The Major Trade Associations by Pieter
    A listing of each trade association and it's members.

  21. Ethical Hedonism: An Introduction by Richard Garriott
    The author explains his personal philosophy for himself and society.

  22. A Song of Samlethe by Sandra
    A mild wildlife poem regarding bears.

  23. The Life of a Traveling Minstrel by Sarah
    Various tales that exhalt the advantages of being a bard.

  24. My book by Sherry the Mouse
    The tale of how Lord British and Lord Blackthorn came to disagree so vehemently.

  25. Regarding Llamas by Simon Sanmartine
    A book which describes the nature of Llamas.

  26. Birds of Britannia by Thoma th' Heathen
    A detailed guide to various avian specied.

  27. Taming Dragons by Wyrd Beastmaster
    Wyrd Beastmaster offers suggestions for new rangers.

  28. A Grammar of Orcish / Phonemes of the Orcish Tongue by Yorick of Yew
    An analysis of the Orcish language, two volumes.

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