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Women of Roleplay - April!
Submitted Tuesday, April 8, 2008 - 2:22:01 PM by Nick Seafort

Nick SeafortSolar Maid shares the secrets of Tokuno!

Women of Roleplay Calendar - March
Submitted Monday, March 3, 2008 - 3:54:18 PM by Nick Seafort

Nick SeafortGreetings Britannia!

I just thought I'd let you all know that the Women of Roleplay March Calendar is up, this month's star is Kimber!

Take a gander for yourself at

Adida Holds Scavenger Hunt
Submitted Tuesday, February 19, 2008 - 6:13:30 PM by Martyna Z'muir

Martyna Z'muirAdida, Host for the Valentines Scavenger Hunt

Today at 4pm EST, the 'Romantic Garden' at the waterfall north of the Shrine of Justice was the site of a Valentine Scavenger hunt held by the mysterious Adida. Many eager citizens gathered around the gazebo long before the event was scheduled to begin, waiting for her arrival.

Slightly after 4pm, a woman dressed in pink appeared astride a hot-pink steed. Upon closer inspection of her clothing, I noticed she was wearing a Cloak of Invisibility and Boots of Escaping…most unusual attire. Adida introduced herself and told those gathered about the Scavenger Hunt. She then plunked down a garish pink chest filled with bright pink bags. Everyone was instructed to take a bag and follow the instructions listed in the red book inside.

The chest was quickly swarmed, and the bags snatched up. Travel spells were hurriedly cast as people raced off to gather the requested items - For only five people would win this day. The items we were asked to gather were quite mundane, and easily attainable. Adida wanted: a harp, a lute, a diamond, a bow, and a slice of bacon. We were to place these 5 items along with a signed book into the bag and return them to a 'Submissions Chest'.

The assembled crowd at the Romantic Garden.

I quickly gathered these things from merchants in Britain and raced back to the garden. After a few minutes the Submission Chest appeared, and was hastily swarmed. Alas, the chest would not accept our submissions. Adida determined the culprit was the magic linking the chest to the books, and thus a new list was swiftly created and we were off once again. As before, she wanted five items: a pen and ink, a bottle of wine, a pan of cookies, a slice of bacon, and a book of poetry.

Once more, Britain was my destination of choice and I gathered all the items and returned to the garden. Another mad dash for the Submission Chest ensued, and this time people were able to submit their bags. Unfortunately, those who followed the instructions in the list book perfectly were unable to submit their bags, as the chest wanted the original list as well! (The book explicitly stated the bag should only contain your 5 items and a signed book) Several people voiced their dissatisfaction as Adida verified the contents of the five bags submitted.

Fortunately for those paying close attention, Adida announced that two of the bags were duplicates from certain people and the Submissions chest was plunked down once more. I darted for it and managed to drop my bag in first. After another verification process, Adida announced the winners. Each winner received a rare pink rose in a vase engraved with "2008 Valentine Hunt Champion."

Adida thanked us all from coming to participate in the hunt, and bade us farewell by summoning a herd of pink bunnies before disappearing from sight.

Great Lakes 2008 Valentines Scavenger Hunt Winners

Lucian Starfire
Martyna Z'muir
2008 Valentine Hunt Champion

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

A Personal Loss...
Submitted Monday, February 18, 2008 - 1:40:09 AM by Martyna Z'muir

Martyna Z'muirLibrary of Sosaria - Main Floor.

Tonight, I write with a heavy heart. For as I write this article, I sit on a makeshift cot amongst the Feluccan runes in the Nameless Rune Library. Why you might ask? I'll tell you why... Today my home, the Library of Sosaria, suffered a cowardly attack by the depraved disciples of Nosfentor.

While I was out marking runes for the Nameless Rune Library, which I recently acquired from an overworked Lord Evilice, followers of the Shadowlord snuck into my office above the Library of Sosaria and blew up a magically protected bookcase. Since the last High Council meeting, the Triad of Evil [T-E] has been seen skulking around other libraries allegedly looking for tomes on banishing rituals. The bookcase they affixed their bombs to contained powerful books of magic and darkness not meant for consumption by the general public.

When I returned to the Library, to my horror, a column of black smoke rose from the northwestern corner of the building. I rushed into the main chamber to see a gaping hole blown in the side of my life's work. The bodies of my staff lay amongst the rubble and debris, their grotesque burns barely masking the obvious signs of torture.

My friends Llewellyn, Jennettia and June are dead. My Library, my office, and my home lay exposed to the elements. The only piece of 'good news', if it can be deemed such, is that their use of explosives was not as excessive as when Kazola's Treetop Keg and Winery was destroyed by Nosfentor's hand. To add further insult, a Valentine from Harry Plotter of [T-E] was skewered to my desk by a bloody dagger.

Library of Sosaria - Martyna's Office.

I have tried to remain calm, tried to give each 'side' a voice in the public arena, but now that the chaos has literally struck at my doorstep... The damaged portion of the Library can be rebuilt; copies of the damaged books are kept at a secure location... But lives... Lives I can neither rebuild nor copy. I have had enough of Nosfentor's murderous rampage; she will receive no quarter from me.

I call upon each citizen of Britannia to rise against the Shadowlord of Cowardice! Don't do it for me, or the Library. Do it for the children of Britain and Cove. Do it for Llewellyn, Jennettia, June, and Justicars Illidan and Woodrow Call. Do it to rid the Kingdom of evil. Do it because it is the right thing to do!

I urge you to Contact the Britannian Armed Forces to lend your swordarm or spellbook to the cause. Any Yew Militia member, Royal Knight of Redemption, or Highland Light Infantryman can help you.

Keep Sosaria safe! Down with Nosfentor!

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

Temple of Mondain Turns Altruistic?
Submitted Thursday, February 14, 2008 - 7:11:20 PM by Martyna Z'muir

Martyna Z'muir
The Temple of Mondain, Compassion Desert, Felucca.
Marka Sythiox, Herald of Mondain.

Last week, the Temple of Mondain [ToM] made a somewhat cryptic announcement that their new leader Marka Sythiox would address all those willing to hear him at 9pm on Tuesday. The invitation was kept mainly within political channels to avoid confrontation with the homicidally inclined denizens of Felucca.

My travel to the Temple in Compassion Desert was uneventful, nary a sociopath to be seen. A..diverse.. group had assembled in the Temple's main gallery. Seating the curious was the priest Veritus of ToM. Already sitting in the crowd was a disturbingly large group from the Triad of Evil [T-E], Nosfentor's followers: Absu Maal, Temptation, Harry Plotter, and Magus. A contingent from the Blue Lotus Clan [BL] warily watched their former allies [T-E]: Bishimi, Masaaki Hatsumi, and Solar maid. Governor Locke of Britain stood quietly in the corner, having once been amongst the Temple's membership. Dot Warner of the Order of the Etheral Ankh [OEA] sat behind me and represented the interests of Minister DaKaren and the High Council. Slightly late, three Royal Knights of Redemption sat in the back row: Ariakas, Pierre, and Arzakon Smash. Fortunately everyone managed to maintain their calm, regardless of being surrounded by political enemies.

Veritus introduced Marka, who stood on the altar to give his address:

"Esteemed citizens and loyal servants of Sosaria, I bid you welcome to the Desert of Compassion. The Temple of Mondain is deeply honored to have you this evening. As my esteemed colleague Veritus has stated, this is a historic night for all of us. You sit in the pews of this ancient Temple not as prisoners, not as hostages...but of free will.

You will note that no guards monitor our doors, no witches perch in corners observing you, laying in wait to strike. It is I, my clergy and you. I am unarmed and present myself to you with a clear conscience. It is for this express reason you were not asked to disarm before entering our hallowed halls. For while my predecessor was the instrument of Hate, Malice and Self-serving Vengeance upon our lands...I come before you to declare that his chapter in the Temples history...OUR history, is at an end. My faith convinces me that I need not fear the repercussions of Mordain the Vicious...and that my faith in your wisdom is justified. My brethren have walked among you, and no one has raised a hand against us in anger.

For this, you have my gratitude.

I empathize with Sosarians everywhere who have felt the harsh hand of this citadel's...previous inhabitants. Their practices and behavior were sub-condemnable...and it is my sincere hope to somehow make amends, if not to the afflicted themselves, but to the memory those trespassed have imparted upon others with regards to anyone who follows the Word.

It is not my intention tonight to convert, convince or contrive some explanation as to why both I and my brethren hold the lessons of Mondain so dear. Suffice to say that we have all 'heard the stories' of Mondain's somewhat sinister childhood and his ultimate descent into the darkness of sin and betrayal. We appreciate the fact that history has, to the layperson, condemned this figure as a vile conqueror who sought to exploit his gift for personal gain, coupled with the subjugation of any who would stand in his way.

But what if, for a moment, you suspend disbelief and consider the possibility that what has been placed before you was manufactured?

*slight cough*

That was phrased poorly. I am not presuming to state that the history we all know and accept about Mondain is some fabrication. He did what he did, and this Temple does not refute that. What we offer is the possibility, if you will...that Mondain's hand was FORCED, and that this gifted, fifteen-year old child was put upon a dark road... was not one he chose for himself.

The child Mondain possessed an uncanny gift for imparting lessons upon his associates during his time; many of these lessons being held dear not only to myself, but to my clergy to this day. Utilizing the talents of my closest confidants, we were able to unearth the evidence I sought to prove my belief. My chronicler, whom many of you have met, Ythicus made the ultimate discovery, right here in the Sands of Compassion. A codexical journal of sorts...

...the Legacy of Mondain.

It is this present incarnation of the Temple you see before you that will carry out the true will of Mondain...a will that speaks of ensuring that none shall feel want so long as a disciple of Mondain exists to fulfill that need. He continually speaks to us, and charges us with the sacred task of redeeming the sins of a brilliant mind, and imparting his wisdom upon present day Sosaria as we are able.

I have invested a large sum of my personal fortune into the creation of a convoy system that will establish a direct route to the shattered island of Magincia. Under the protection of my naval commander, Rydmathias, we seek to provide food, supplies and hope to that beleaguered island. This will be done at the expense of the Temple exclusively.

This is our first gesture, of many to come.

As previously stated, my brethren and I are not seeking to convert or justify...merely to make amends. We are well aware of the blood splashed upon these walls. Our mission is to bring the True Word and the True dictated in the Legacy of Mondain. For those seeking further enlightenment to our course, or to those souls who have felt the call as we have and seek to join with us, I encourage you to send a missive to our Faith Minister, Elwyd Macgraven, I believe he has left method for contacting him upon the public boards of the High Council.

I would now be happy to take a few questions."

Marka on the Altar of Mondain.

Questions from the assemblage were somewhat banal, and most had been attended to during the speech. Several questions about the Magincian Convoy were asked, mainly relating to the reaction from the citizens, and how the Temple would respond if they were rejected. Marka responded by saying “We will only go where we are welcomed, if they ask us to leave, we shall depart..."

The members of R.K.R., members of the Britannian Armed Forces, remember the Temple's bloody history well, and find it hard to believe that such a force of evil could change – literally overnight. Marka took that in stride and said “We understand you have no reason to trust us, so we will give you reason to with our aid to Magincia."

With the questions over, Marka left the gathering after turning the crowd over to priestess Scarlet Pimpere for a tour of the keep. The tour itself was fascinating, especially the library; however, it is obvious that this new Temple of Mondain will have a long uphill struggle to change their public image.

Can they do it? And should we believe them? Only time will tell.

A jailhouse interview with Mordain the deposed High Priest of Mondain will be coming shortly...

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

Burn Baby, Burn!
Submitted Wednesday, February 13, 2008 - 12:58:30 AM by Martyna Z'muir

Martyna Z'muirDraconi's Luna Inferno

Late this evening I received a soot-covered pigeon from Renenutet of The Howling Voice. Unrolling the slightly singed scrap of parchment the bird carried, I learned that two homes stood in ruins - having been unexpectedly ravaged by intense fires. One home stood in the northeastern quarter of Luna, and the other in the northwestern quarter of Zento's suburbs. I swiftly retrieved my mount CythRi and rode for the scenes of destruction.

I had heard earlier in the day, through extra-planar means that the God of Conflagration, Draconi, had targeted his wrath at the home of citizens who had 'turned traitor' to the Sosarian way of life. The 'Traitor' label has not been assigned to these people lightly; inflammable effigies have been magically erected within the ruins. Apparently, these people are responsible for the destabilization of the shard economy and an influx of rare powerful artifacts.

Draconi's Tokuno Flambe

Similar infernos rage across other shards, showing that this blight on our society is a widespread problem. Many thanks to Draconi for ridding us of these scoundrels!

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

High Council Sets Sights on Nosfentor
Submitted Tuesday, February 12, 2008 - 10:06:07 PM by Martyna Z'muir

Martyna Z'muir

Last evening's 289th meeting of the High Council of Britannia was presided over by the Minister of Virtue, Lord DaKaren as Chancellor von Bayer and Vice-Chancellor Willa were unavailable. The meeting started off normally enough; however, Councilor Maelmordha of Newcastle accused the Temple of Mondain of conspiracy with the Empire of Tokuno. Apparently, several Temple members were seen during a tour of Zento. Seldane, a priest of Mondain, refuted the accusations as preposterous, although, he admitted that a tour of the city did indeed take place. He stated that it was merely a cultural exchange and nothing more.

Unfortunately, during this exchange, members of the Yew Militia Fel Brigade chose to act disrespectfully towards Seldane. This caused Seldane to leave the Civic Center in disgust, and drew criticism from Marthulius of the Council of Light who was seated in the gallery. Minister DaKaren apologized for the rude behavior, and stated that "This was not the normal state of affairs." Marthulius and a companion then left the Civic Center. Eventually, Councilor Akela, second in command of the Yew Militia, used his authority to quiet his troops. Chancellor von Bayer, when reached for comment today, had this to say, "I wish to add to the Minister's apology to the newcomer Marthulius... The Council does not condone disrespectful behavior, and we hope that you will return in the future."

Arzakon Smash of the Royal Knights of Redemption was the next to address the Council. He told of a meeting between R.K.R. and the Blue Lotus Clan at the Dojo in Zento. They revealed that the cargo that the 'monks' had been transporting through Britannia a few weeks ago had actually been the hearts of the children of Cove. Nosfentor had slain them and planned to use their hearts as some sort of cure. The prophecy received by Bishimi indicated that the hearts would help save the Tokuno people from a great catastrophe. Two books were retrieved by R.K.R. as well, but their contents have yet to be released to the public.

Minister DaKaren, upon learning of the heart's provenance angrily summoned Bunshichi, Emissary of the Empire of Tokuno, from the gallery. Bunshichi admitted that the Blue Lotus Clan was in possession of the hearts of the children of Cove, and that they were 'needed by the Empire.' The Minister expressed extreme displeasure that once again the Empress's 'honorable word' had failed to protect Britannian children. Bunshichi stated "The children had been protected to the best of the Empire's ability. They only had the best of intentions..." The Minister replied sarcastically with "The road to the Abyss is paved with 'good intentions.'"

The heated exchange continued for a while, resulting in the Minister's call for 'the end of Nosfentor.' This was met by approval from the crowd. He went on to caution "While we cannot destroy her by conventional means, we can banish her essence from the vessel she currently corrupts."

The B.A.F. will be searching out Nosfentor with the intention of capturing her. The Minister has ordered a search for rituals of banishment. If you see Nosfentor anywhere within the Kingdom, report her whereabouts to any B.A.F. member, or Council representative. Help shine the light of Virtue on the Shadowlord and drive her from our realm!

* OOC Note: I would have had pictures to go with this story; however, the screenshot feature of KR appears to be broken since the last patch. *

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

Women of Roleplay - February Update!
Submitted Sunday, February 10, 2008 - 2:03:57 PM by Nick Seafort

Nick SeafortHello once again, everyone!

The February update for the Women of Roleplay calendar is up, this month featuring Silverbrook! Also in the picture are Lilandra, Ariakas, Martyna Z'muir, Ra'Dian Fl'Gith, Aridas, Elwe al'Thor, Illidan, Brother Nordal, Solar Maid, and Carde of Skara Brae.

You can see the calendar for yourself at the official Women of Roleplay calendar site:

Check the downloads section for the latest!

Mysterious Monk Massacre
Submitted Tuesday, January 29, 2008 - 12:47:55 AM by Martyna Z'muir

Martyna Z'muir

Late yesterday evening I was startled by Eldred Wodeu, the Britain Postmaster, while perusing some newly discovered tomes for the Library of Sosaria. He handed me a letter, apologized for its tardiness, and went about his rounds. The unsigned letter was written on parchment that had a faint scent of incense:


Great evils have beset this land and while I have seen much of it through the looking pools, your voice has shed light on the topics of our day. I write to you to give you a lead on a story that besets Britannia. The cure for a coming evil hangs in the balance. I have sent word to the Armed Forces of this vision in hopes that they act upon it. My vision was of a convoy of hooded figures moving into the pass between Skara Brae and Britain, but they do not appear coming out of it. By the sun I can tell it is somewhat closer to mid 9 in the evening. I do hope they make it in time, for disaster must be staved off."

My curiosity piqued, I waited until 8:45 pm and used the public Yew Moongate north of the Library and went to Britain. Minutes later, I arrived at the mouth of the mountain pass and headed east. At the old fortification I came upon Templar Oona and several Redemption Knights, needless to say they were curious as to why I might be in the area. I showed them the letter I received, and Oona mentioned something about strange dreams she had been having which coincided with a letter that she had also received:


Ye may not know me, but believe me I know much about you and your fellow Knights. The bubbling water allows me to see come of their tales before they even happen. I say that I can sense that you will take this letter with some feeling to dismiss the words of a pagan woman, but I assure it is in your interest that you not! A great evil is about to befall Cove. I see the bodies of innocent strewn about the city, rotting, no signs of others making any attempt to give them proper burial. There is also the sight of a caravan much sooner carrying the key to divert this future. I can not see in the crates, a magic locks my vision from them, but it is clear they do not arrive at their destination. They enter the pass between Britain and Skara Brae, never to exit. By the sky I would assume they entered somewhere about 9:15 under the central sun. I hope this letter reaches you in time."

While we waited in the pass, Soke Bishimi of the Blue Lotus Clan suddenly appeared in our midst. A long-time enemy of Britannia, the Soke's arrival instantly raised the Templar's hackles. She demanded to know why he was there and why she shouldn't arrest him on the spot. Bishimi coyly stated the he was "here due to prophecy delivered to the Dojo that very day." Apparently a messenger had verbally delivered a message to the Blue Lotus leader. They continued to argue as the sound of several approaching travelers grew louder.

Three mysterious monks approach.

Three men dressed in brown monk's robes strode towards us, two pack llamas in tow. Templar Oona stopped the men and asked them why they were in the pass. The lead man, who said he was a "Prior of the Order of the Sacred Heart," informed her that they were monks taking cargo from Britain to a ship docked in Skara Brae - and from there on to Yew. When asked what their cargo contained, the monks produced a manifest declaring it as two cases of 'dusky red paint.' They also produced a scroll bearing a note from the Abbot of their Order:

"Dear Sir or Lady,

I request that you permit my Brothers safe passage along the road from Britain to Skara Brae. The Brothers have been sent to collect some fine red paint from the markets of Britain. Some naïve young thieves broke into one of the Abbey's prayer rooms painting it with slanderous and vile words. We are going to have to reapply a fine coat of this paint to cover it. These are good men and they follow the Virtues in its most esteemed ways.

Lucas Wagner,
Abbot of the Order of the Sacred Heart"

Unimpressed by the monk's papers, the Soke repeatedly demanded to inspect the llama's cargo. Templar Oona steadfastly rejected his demands and groundless, seeing as not only was he an agent of Tokuno, thus he had no authority. The monks looked nervous and asked to be on their way, refusing a B.A.F. escort to their destination. Bishimi gruffly demanded they hand over their cargo to him..."or else." He stated that the monks were carrying items "crucial to averting a catastrophe for the Tokuno people."

Of course, the monks refused to hand over their cargo, saying it was only paint. One by the name of Vorn even went so far as to show the edge of one of the cases, only to discover that the paint had begun to leak. The monk's dismay over the loss gave Bishimi an opportunity to swing the encounter to his benefit and a group of ninja descended on the Redemption Knights - who also had several hidden members reveal themselves. Escaping through the canyon in the melee, the monks made it to the road heading into Skara Brae before the victorious forces of the Blue Lotus caught up to them. I hid behind an oak tree and watched what transpired...

First monk is killed.

More demands for the cargo were met by refusals from the monks, and threats soon escalated into violence. One ninja that I recognized as Garret, held a blade to the throat of the monk called Vorn. He quickly lay lifeless at the feet of his brothers. The Prior looked shocked, but refused to give in to the demands for their cargo...the second monk then joined Vorn in the afterlife. Curiously, one of the llamas chose to avenge its master's death and attacked Garret; one swift stroke of his leafblade later and its lifeblood pooled on the ground with the others.

Second monk dead, 'Prior' tells all...

It was then that the Prior, looking his soon-to-be murderer in the face, chose to reveal himself as an agent of Absu Maul - and a follower of Nosfentor. The 'monks' were not what they appeared. The ninja took the cargo; two crates soaked with a red liquid, and killed the 'prior'. The remaining B.A.F. forces came upon the scene just as the Blue Lotus clan gated away.

Men working for Nosfentor by posing as monks carrying mysterious cargo through Britannia... A 'prophecy' about a disaster in occupied Cove - or is it in Tokuno? Who are we to believe? Who is the mysterious 'pagan woman' behind the messages? What was in those crates that were so important to the Blue Lotus Clan that they would risk coming deeper into Britannia? I implore the author of the letters to contact me personally. Tell me your secrets...

As I sat down to write this article, a confidential source arrived and informed me that the Blue Lotus Clan had been attacked by the Triad of Evil earlier that evening. Apparently Nosfentor had sought to kill the Empress of Tokuno, Miko Nakamura. The Crimson Order was broken; Tokuno had cut its ties to Nosfentor. Anything that weakens the Shadowlord is good news! Could the end of her reign of terror be neigh? One can only hope...

**Interesting aside: The Order of the Sacred Heart did indeed exist. However, it was a charitable organization based in Britain and founded on the Principal of Love. It's logo was that of a heart with three drips of blood underneath. It was founded in BY 5 by Lucas Wagner, a peasant farmer who became rich after finding buried treasure on his land. It prospered for many years bringing food and clothing to the needy, which ultimately created the village of Paws to the south of Britain. The Order eventually foundered in the chaos after the mass exodus from Felucca to Trammel in BY 331.**

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

Diplomatic Dances
Submitted Tuesday, January 22, 2008 - 11:29:19 PM by Martyna Z'muir

Martyna Z'muirLord Dakaren, Minister of Virtue

Last evening's 286th meeting of the High Council of Britannia was sparsely attended, but full to the brim with interesting developments in the fields of national and international politics. Chancellor Max von Bayer, clothed in a blindingly white tunic, called on Minister of Virtue Lord DaKaren to announce proposed changes to the Royal Constitution of the Kingdom of Britannia. The Minister, also clad in a glaring snowy hue, directed the council and spectators to the Ethereal Tomes and a copy of the proposal. The changes Lord DaKaren put forward range from simple clarifications and added administrative regulations, to a definition for Enemies of State and how the High Council is to respond to an Occupied Territory during times of War. Also, for the first time, common-law land laws were explicitly spelled out. Plans are to ratify the new constitution during the next High Council meeting.

After the Minister of Virtue, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kemmler, brought a representative of the Empire of Tokuno before the Council to speak. Bunshichi apologized on the Empire's behalf for the deaths of the children of Britain several weeks ago. He stated that "Empress Nakamura had ordered the children to be released unharmed, but that Nosfentor acted in defiance of those orders when she butchered them. The Empress has vowed that the Shadowlord shall face severe consequences for her cowardly actions." Bunshichi also stated that the children of Cove were being prepared to return to the families without Nosfentor's interference. "I give you my word that they will be returned to their parents just as they left them."

Bunshichi, representative of the Empire of Tokuno

Bunshichi then stunned the Council with a request for aid... Apparently, the Lotus Dojo in Zento had been robbed by the mysterious thief known only as 'M.' She had apparently stolen a sword that had once belonged to Seiji, the founder of the Blue Lotus Clan. As is typical, a scroll was left at the scene of the crime:

"Foolish Lotus Clan

'Tis been too long since I was last in Tokuno, it feels like another lifetime...

What a lovely sword you left out on display! I couldn't resist after reading the accompanying book, such sentimental drivel! Aren't you ninja supposed to be hardened against emotion; unfeeling assassins only out for themselves? Yet still, you ally with Shadowlords and declare yourselves the ultimate evil. Nothing but a weak and pathetic attempt to gain power! Your only use was as pawns to destroy Kazola's tavern, a part you unwittingly played dishonorably well!

I shall show the world what true evil is; malice unfettered by false morality, and unbridled hate without mercy.

I shall keep your precious blade with the dark swords I acquired from Silverbrook. Mayhap my pet and I shall use them to spar a bit...


M's note is characteristically sarcastic and insulting, reinforcing previous supposition that she intentionally taunts her victims. A tidbit of her past is revealed, by saying that she has been in Tokuno before. However how this could aid an investigation is presently unknown. The most interesting bit of information is of the existence of a 'pet.' What, or who, this could be is a complete enigma.

Unsurprisingly, the Blue Lotus Clan wishes M captured and the sword returned. Chancellor von Bayer cautioned that the state of war that exists between Britannia and Tokuno would hamper a coordinated investigation of the theft, but he tasked Minister Kemmler to work with the Tokuno representatives.

Gargomel of ToM adressess the High Council

At the end of Bunshichi's audience, a commotion was heard downstairs at the Civic Center's entrance. The Knight on duty rushed into the Chamber to speak with Templar Oona, who then announced that a party from the Temple of Mondain had arrived and sought to address the High Council. The Council accepted them into the chambers. A group of people in sand-colored clothing entered dragging a struggling robed man bound in chains. The leader of the group was an elf named Gargomel, and he wished to share with the Council "the events of past night."

Apparently, there had been a coup de grâce within the Temple of Mondain. Mordain, the Dark Lord of the Temple, had been usurped by one named Marka Sythiox. Marka felt that Mordain had led the priests astray from their faith in the divinity of Mondain, and deemed Mordain's followers to be 'Mordainites' and had them purged. Marka wishes to make amends to the High Council for the crimes of the past, and thus sent the party to present the chained Mordain as a gift, "disarmed of his power to show that Marka means what he says."

The Dark Lord Mordain, deposed leader of ToM.

The stunned High Council turned the new prisoner over to Templar Oona so he may be imprisoned in the Newcastle Jail to await trial on multiple charges of murder, kidnapping and sedition. As he was about to be handed over to Oona, Mordain called Gargomel a "traitor" and called Mondain an "old crusty deity." He then went on to say that "his followers would kill him (Gargomel) when they came to his rescue..."

Gargomel laughed and said that Mordain's "rescuers were naught but ghosts" and that "he couldn't hold a candle to Mondain's power" or his religious faith.

Mordain countered acerbically with "I AM your religion!" At that point Gargomel ordered fellow faithful Mondainite Veritus to gag Mordain. Oona handed Mordain over to Maelmordha for transport to the jail in Newcastle.

After the meeting, I approached the Council members individually for comment.

Chancellor von Bayer: "I'm quite pleased with their offering tonight. Britannia is safer with Mordain off the streets, but my main concern at the moment is Zento must be held to their commitment that the children of Cove will be returned safely."

Minister Kemmler: "I will be endeavoring to see that these two opportunities are given the chance to blossom into a brighter future for Britannia and her people..."

Minister DaKaren: "Tonight has shown us that the forces we consider to be 'evil' are far more complex than any black and while label we can place on them. It was a fascinating night!"

Is cooperation with the Empire of Tokuno advisable after years of war? Is peaceful contact with the Temple of Mondain even possible? Does Britannia have a choice? Only time will tell. In the days ahead I will be following up on these events and investigating further into each to bring you the most complete picture possible.

Have hope, my friends, for the Virtues shine gloriously upon our Kingdom brighter now than in recent years.

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

Newcastle Bazaar a Success
Submitted Tuesday, January 22, 2008 - 6:50:08 PM by Martyna Z'muir

Martyna Z'muirNewcastle Bazaar first floor

Many pleased shoppers patronized the Newcastle Bazaar's Grand Opening last Thursday evening, making the Bazaar a smashing success. A lone golem stood outside the building with members of the Royal Knights of Redemption welcoming the people being gated in from across the Kingdom and beyond. Inside, crafters peddled their well-made wares to the curious customers.

On the first floor, Dag Nabit, Dot Warner of the Order of the Etheral Ankh, and Ra'Vendall of Newcastle (Arms) covered the bowcraft, tinkering, carpentry, smithing, and stonecraft services. On the second floor, Sorrowful Rain of the Empire of Tokuno (a rare cross-cultural exchange), Luigi and the Goddess Isis of Newcastle took care of novelties, pizza, and tailoring respectively. A man named Zork cheerfully served beverages from the nearby Wild Rose Inn and Café to both patrons and craftsmen alike.

There were but a few minor disruptions to the otherwise peaceful evening... The Temple of Mondain tried to proselytize for their faith, and was quickly asked to leave. They went outside the Bazaar and continued to try and convince passersby of the divinity of the long-dead evil sorcerer. The Royal Knights of Redemption and Bishop Micah (of the nearby Newcastle Abbey) forcibly ushered the Mondainites through a moongate and back to their dark keep in the Compassion Desert of Felucca.

The party returned, those of us on the first floor were regaled with a heroic story by Lilandra - a tale of how Bishop Micah protected her from scorpions. Lilandra the tailor, formerly of Newcastle, has been living with Lady Silverbrook in her estate on the Isle of Magincia since her dog Skattles was kidnapped by 'M' during a Virtue Poetry contest several years ago. Afterwards, she literally bounced about the Bazaar until she was menaced by the wolf that has beset Newcastle for several months. As with the week before, the wolf chased and bit at Lilandra before being stopped by Arzakon Smash and Pierre of RKR. Lilandra seemed strangely drawn to the wolf, and attempted to calm the beast. Unfortunately for her, the wolf only glared at her with contempt before assaulting her again. This continued off and on for the next hour with Lilandra being the target each time, eventually ending when Lilandra left.

Newcastle Bazaar golem.

The largest sale of the evening was to Rachel of Chicken Fight Club fame. She placed an order with Dot Warner for the staggering quantity of thirty golems. Curiously, no one questioned the sobriety of Ms. Warner as she continuously quaffed jugs of the most expensive spirits the Wild Rose had to offer, Verity Cider. As I have known Dot for quite some time, I questioned her about the wisdom of 'drinking on the job'. She dismissed my concerns as foolishness, and promptly toppled off her stool. I hope her guild can help to resolve whatever issues have led her to the bottle...

The Newcastle Bazaar will reopen for a night next month to provide the same great services at lower-than-Luna prices in a friendly atmosphere. Keep an eye on the Calendar of Events for the next Bazaar date.

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

Royal Knights of Redemption Hold Knighting Ceremony
Submitted Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 10:43:04 PM by Martyna Z'muir

Martyna Z'muirThe Royal Knights of Redemption Knighting Ceremony

Last evening, I was invited to attend a Knighting Ceremony held by the Royal Knights of Redemption in the Newcastle Municipal Hall. Chancellor Max von Bayer, White Bryony, Zeph Wightfyre and I witnessed Prafectus Oona promote Squire Kallviels to a Knight, entitled 'Zealot'. Arzakon Smash also earned a promotion from 'Dragoon' to 'Dextra', Oona's right-hand man.

Undermarshal Ariakas, Onna's second in command, stepped forward and surprised the Prafectus by announcing that the Knights wished Oona to become 'Templar'. 'Templar' was the title held by the late Ren the Conjuror during his tenure as leader of the Knights, a label that Oona has been reluctant to accept. However, the faith that the Knights place in Oona's leadership encouraged her to embrace her rightful designation.

With their new ranks and titles properly displayed on their uniforms, Oona declared that 'the drinks were on her' at the Wild Rose Inn and Café. As Arzakon jovialy proceeded to race Scoob to the bottom of the nearest bottle of spirits; I asked her how she felt about the promotion, she said "I am most proud of my Knights and the citizens of Newcastle. With my dying breath, I will see that both continue to prosper."

The vicious wolf, a little too close for comfort.

As we sat there trading quips and enjoying the evening's company, a strange man in a lavender cloak came into the tavern claiming to have news of "something to the south" and saying that wolves were out to get him. Shortly thereafter, a wolf (the one who has been stalking the citizens of Newcastle since before Yule) appeared and menaced the man. The wolf proceeded to chase him around the Inn's café until Ariakas was able to shoo it away.

Unfortunately, the wolf didn't stay gone for long and returned to bite the man on the leg. Again, the Knights tried to rid themselves of the vile creature, Malag-aste received a vicious bite to the face while trying to banish it with a torch. This seemed to cause the wolf to discorporate, as it didn't bother the Knights the rest of the evening. The strange man then retired to a room in the Inn above.

My evening continued to get interesting however, as my horse CythRi decided that a command to come to me somehow meant "run away to the south and get a snack." After tracking her down and feeding her a carrot, life was contented again. I wish to congratulate Templar Oona on her new position, and hope the Knights continue to stand in defense of the Kingdom.

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

Newcastle Bazaar Grand Opening!
Submitted Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 7:30:55 PM by Martyna Z'muir

Martyna Z'muirNewcastle Bazaar building

Remember the days of yore when you could saunter up to your local smithy or tailor's and negotiate for the goods and services you needed? Tired of the trudging from one listless vendor to the next? Annoyed by the high prices and hideous architecture in Luna? If "Aye!" was your response, then the Newcastle Bazaar was built for you!

This Friday eve (January 18th), 8pm by the Central Skies, the Newcastle Bazaar in Newcastle Township will be officially opening its doors to the public. Designed with a personal touch in mind, the Bazaar will feature monthly nights of *LIVE* crafting - you won't find the vacant stares of shifty Luna vendors here!

All goods at the Bazaar are crafted to order, barring a few heavy items, and will be available on the spot. Armor, weapons, furniture, house wares, and even golems may be purchased for a fair price. Crafters may even buy resources from enterprising individuals, or barter for services.

Come for an evening of trade, conversation and to meet new and old friends alike! Find your special someone a gift for Valentine's Day, update your home décor, or bring home a mechanical friend to battle alongside you!

The Newcastle Bazaar is located at 107o 9'N 31o 0'E next to the Newcastle Abbey. It is along the coast southwest of Prison Peak and the valley that leads to the box canyon containing Wrong. Gates will be provided from the Luna and West Britain Banks, and sporadically from the New Haven Bank.

The Newcastle Bazaar was funded by Malag-aste, Turcople of the Royal Knights of Redemption, to help support the locals of the township and to breathe new life into old community traditions. He said he was "inspired by the stories of the old days, told to us by Oona..." The Bazaar is planned to be open one night a month for commissions.

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

Children of Britain Massacred!
Submitted Friday, January 11, 2008 - 7:57:52 PM by Martyna Z'muir

Martyna Z'muirHeads of the children of Britain

Last Monday's 284th meeting of the High Council of Britannia started with a grisly discovery: Thirty-three heads had been placed strategically around the Council Chambers in the Jerred Ghyss Civic Center in Compassion Grove. These were not the heads of criminals, prominent public leaders, nor political pundits. They were the innocent faces of the children of Britain, brutally slain by the vile hand of Nosfentor as punishment to Britannia for her defeat in Britain.

A scroll was left with the head of the youngest child, no more than two years, on the central podium in the chambers. It read:


We have given you many opportunities to end this peacefully. I told you that blood would be spilled if you entered Britain again! I must admit I had thought the previous warnings that we have given you would be enough. I was mistaken... I have decided to return your children of Britain. Here are their heads...

You forced my hand on this. All I asked was for you to stay out. If you try your luck with Cove and for some unknown reason you win, don't expect to see the children of Cove with their heads! Or, maybe you'll just see their heads...


The High Council and the Field Marshalls of the Britannian Armed Forces were aghast at the atrocity committed by Nosfentor and the Crimson Order, and by extension the Empire of Tokuno. The 'peaceful end' that Nosfentor speaks of would be the unconditional surrender of Britannia to her sadistic rule, an option unlikely to be embraced by Virtuous citizens.

"Once again, Empress Miko Nakamura heaps dishonor on her people by harboring that witch of cowardice!" said the Minister of Virtue, Lord DaKaren.

"The Empress told the Council she had ordered the safe return of the Britain children, not their execution!" said Kemmler, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Grief stricken parents swarmed the courtyard of Castle British after the announcement, angrily shouting how the government had let them down.

"Ye save tha stone city, wi'out first rescuin' the hostages? Me family's mo'important 'en some damn castle or bank! E'en Magincia got mo'attention 'en us!" yelled Martin, a local farmer who lost his daughter.

The parents were quickly ushered into Castle British to meet with people specially trained in grief counseling. "The parents of Britain will get all the support we can provide them," assured Chancellor Max von Bayer. "Our hearts go out to them for their terrible loss..."

The Britannian Armed Forces have redoubled their efforts to find the missing children of Cove, sending secret scouting parties across the Tokuno Islands. Their only leads in locating the children have been that they are 'on an island mining minerals for some project.' Considering that aside from the three main island-continents, the Tokuno Empire consists of forty-five smaller islands, the B.A.F. has a difficult search ahead of them. Hopefully, the B.A.F. Presidium will wait to launch a campaign to liberate Cove until after the children are rescued.

The Empire of Tokuno refused to comment for this article, and my pigeons to Nosfentor could not locate her.

If you hear any information about the children's whereabouts, please contact the High Council (meetings every Monday night at 8pm under the central skies in Compassion Grove 14o4'N 35o34'W) or any B.A.F. branch member (Royal Knights of Redemption [RKR], Yew Militia [YM], Highland Light Infantry [HLI])

May the Virtues protect you and your family,

Martyna Z'muir, LofS

Women of Roleplay - January Available!
Submitted Monday, December 31, 2007 - 3:10:47 PM by Nick Seafort

Nick SeafortGreetings, friends!

I am very proud to announce that the women of roleplay 2008 calendar has officially started! Our first month, January, features Princess Piper and the beginning of the great faire. There are also a number of background characters.

Perhaps you are among them.

Carde and I encourage you to visit the calendar site, located at:

We would also like to thank everyone who participated in the project for helping make the calendar a success!