The Words of Power

Long ago there was a society on Sosaria which was enlightened and adept in the ways of magic. We don't know who they were, or why they disappeared, but remnants of their language live on as the words of power. The words of power are syllable utterances designed to help a mage focus his concentration. Some scholars have speculated that the words of power have the power to release and bind ether, but most now discount this theory.

These are the Words of Power and their ancient meanings:

An - Negate or Dispel
Bet - Small
Corp - Death
Des - Lower or Down
Ex - Freedom
Flam - Flame
Grav - Field
Hur - Wind
In - Create or Cause
Jux - Danger, Trap, or Harm
Kal - Summon
Lor - Light
Mani - Life or Health
Nox - Poison
Ort - Magic
Por - Move
Quas - Illusion
Rel - Change
Sanct - Protection
Tym - Time
Uus - Raise
Vas - Great
Wis - Knowledge
Xen - Xen
Ylem - Matter
Zu - Sleep

In example, the spell "In Lor" Simply means "Create Light". Other spells are not so literal "Flam Sanct" literally means "Fire Protection". The words of power should give you some idea as to the effect of a spell, however.

There are some other words of power which are not commonly used in spellcasting, but a keen adventurer may find useful. These words are most commonly used as "key words" to unlock a magical barrier, as their true meanings have been lost to the ages.


Though not technically words of power, The Mantras for each of the Virtues are also part of the same ancient language:

Veramocor - Infinity
Ver - Truth
Amo - Love
Cor - Courage
Ahm - Honesty
Mu - Compassion
Ra - Valor
Summ - Honor
Beh - Justice
Cah - Sacrifice
Lum - Humility
Un - Control
Or - Passion
Us - Diligence
Unorus - Singularity

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