The System of Infinity

The Eight Virtues were first established in Ultima 4 as the 8 defining principles of a good Britannian life. Nobody but the Avatar was ever able to master all 8 of the virtues. In Ultima Online, the Time Lord told Lord British of these virtues, and in turn Lord British shared them with the people. Each Virtue has its own Shrine, Sigil, Mantra, Color, Companion, City, Counter, and Moon phase.

Each of the 8 virtues is derived from a combination of The Three Principles of Truth, Love, and Courage. The three principles also have a Sigil of sorts, as each principle has an object which embodies its nature. these are: the Candle of Love, housed at the Empath Abbey in Yew; the Book of Truth, contained within the walls of the Lyceaum in Moonglow; and the Bell of Courage, stored safely in Serpents Hold.

Collectively, these virtues and their principles are known as The Virtue System of Infinity

Richard Garriott Explains the System of Infinity

The objective reality
Color: Blue
Mantra: Ver

the will to struggle, for beliefs and for others
Color: Red
Mantra: Cor

The empathic bond that unites the self to all others
Color: Yellow
Mantra: Amo

Formed by: Truth, Love, Courage
Mantra: Veramocor


Formed by: Love
Color: Yellow
Sigil: the Heart of Compassion
City: Britain
Companion: Iolo
Mantra: MU
Counter: Despise

Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

Compassion, formed by Love alone is the favored virtue of Bards. The shrine of Compassion is located Northeast of the city of Britain on the far side of the Great Mountains. It is in the middle of a desert, and surrounded by water.

The Dungeon of Despise is located directly north of Castle British through a small mountain passage. The entrance is in a clearing to the west of that mountain passage.


Formed by: Truth and Courage
Color: Purple
Sigil: the Chalice of Honor
City: Trinsic
Companion: Dupre
Mantra: SUMM
Counter: Shame

Nobility of mind; probity.

Honor, the virtue of Paladins, is formed by Truth and Courage. The Shrine of honor is located on a peninsula in the southernmost portion of the Britannian continent, southwest of Trinsic.

The dungeon of Shame is located on the west side of the Yew Mountains, directly north of Skara Brae.


Formed by: Truth and Love
Color: Green
Sigil: the Quill of Justice
City: Yew
Companion: Jaana
Mantra: BEH
Counter: Wrong

Conformity to truth, fact, or sound reason

Truth and Love form Justice, as demonstrated by the Great Court of Yew. The Shrine of Justice lies in a seldom traveled area to the northeast of Yew.

The Dungeon of Wrong is located on the very northernmost portion of the Britannian continent, generally north of Cove, although one would have to travel quite a distance from Cove to get there.


Formed by: Truth
Color: Blue
Sigil: the Writ of Honesty
City: Moonglow
Companion: Mariah
Mantra: AHM
Counter: Deceit

Truthfulness; sincerity

Honesty is the spawn of Truth. You can find the Shrine of Honesty between two mountain walls on the south portion of Arctica, the island just north of Moonglow.

Also located on Arctica is the Dungeon of Deceit, its opening is just northwest of the shrine of Honesty.


Formed by: Love and Courage
Color: Orange
Sigil: the Tear of Sacrifice
City: Minoc
Companion: Julia
Mantra: CAH
Counter: Covetous

Forfeiture of something highly valued for the sake of another person.

Together, Love and Courage create the virtue of Sacrifice. The shrine of Sacrifice can be found in the northeastern most section of the Britannian continent, northeast of Vesper.

Sacrifice's counter dungeon, Covetous, is under the mountains to the northwest of Vesper. The entrance is located on the south face of the mountains.


Formed by: Abscence of Principle
Color: Black
Sigil: the Crook of Humility
City: Magincia
Companion: Katarina
Mantra: LUM
Counter: Pride/Hythloth

Marked by meekness or modesty in behavior, attitude, or spirit.

Humility is different than the other 7 virtues in that it is not formed by any Principles. The Abscence of all three principles is actually Pride. Pride, however, is not a virtue and so its opposite, humility, becomes one. You may seek the Shrine of Humility on the Southwest section of Fire Island.

The people of Magincia themselves are Prideful people, they represent a complete lack of the three principles, and thus Humility has no real home.

The counter dungeon to Humility is Hythloth, whose entrance faces south on the southernmost portion of the Fire Island, to the east of the Shrine of Honesty.


Formed by: Courage
Color: Red
Sigil: the Dagger of Valor
City: Jhelom
Companion: Geoffery
Mantra: RA
Counter: Destard

To be strong.

Valor comes from single principle of Courage. To the southwest of Serpents Hold on the southernmost island of all resides the Shrine of Virtue.

Perhaps the most dangerous of all dungeons, Destard is located directly to the west of Trinsic on the far side of the Skara Brae mountains.


Formed by: Truth, Love, and Courage
Color: White
Sigil: the Ankh of Spirituality
City: Skara Brae
Companion: Shamino
Mantra: OM
Counter: none/The Abyss

Of, concerned with, or affecting the soul.

Spirituality is the "key" to all the virtues, for it is the combination of all three of the Principles. The shrine of Spirituality is located along the road between Trinsic and Britain, to the northwest of Trinsic Bay.

The Virtue of Spirituality is representative of the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, and the Codex was raised from The Abyss in the cardinal Ultimas, however in Ultima Online The Abyss has yet to be discovered. Thus, Spirituality has no opposite dungeon in Ultima Online.

The Virtues and the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom were created by Richard Garriott for Ultima 4. As morality is a sensitive subject with many people, the virtues were designed not to be offensive to anybody. As you can see, most everyone agrees that these virtues are all positive attributes of mankind.

The circular Symbol you see on each of the Virtue Cards above is the symbol for the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. The three circles in the center represent Truth, Love, and Courage, and each of the lines represents a virtue. The small circle in the center is Spirituality, and the outer circle is Humility.

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