Races and Britannia

There are many different people inhabiting Britannia, not all of them human. Indeed, there are a multitude of sentient species in our lands. This exhibit will familiarize you with some of the major races in Britannia.


The origins of the human race are shrouded in mystery, but they are the most populous race in Britannia. Indeed, Britannia is a predominantly human society, due in part to their unsurpassed numbers. Though all humans are more or less similar, there are 3 different species of Humans, and many sub-species. The three main species of Human are: Earthling, Britannian, and Hybrid.

Earthling Humans carry with them a passionate belief system. Their instincts drive them to congregate with other humans and form communities. Earthlings have an emphatic connection with other humans, and generally will rush to the assistance of any one Earthling in an emergency. Earthlings will fight anything which contradicts their belief system, even other Earthlings. As the name denotes, Earthlings are from the planet Earth. Lord British is the first recorded Earthling to arrive in Britannia. Earthlings did not arrive en masse until Lord British opened a colonization period from Earth around the year 300. Because of their origin, Earthlings age very slowly, with lifespans on the order of a thousand years or more.

Britannian Humans are not dissimilar from Earthling Humans. They too hold passionate beliefs, but are less willing to fight with one another than Earthlings. Britannians generally lead simpler lives, and their lifespans are relatively short.. on the order of 70 or 80 years.

Hybrid Humans have one Earthling parent, and one Britannian parent. Hybrid Humans are the most prevalent type of Human in Britannia, and they share characteristics of both Britannian and Earthling Humans. Hybrid humans have a tendency for less passionate beliefs than their progenitors, but for the most part they enjoy conflict. Hybrids have a wide variety of interests, from the simple life to a very complex life. Hybrids are by far the most diverse type of Human around. Their lifespans are in the range of 200 to 250 years.


The orcish race was created at or around the year 3 by Mondain the Wizard. The evil wizard would regularly twist the boundaries of nature to create new species to do his bidding and keep Sosaria on its toes. One of these new species was the species of the orc, a crossbreeding of Dogs and Humans.

When Mondain was defeated, his creations remained.. including Orcs, who followed their instincts and travelled in packs, such as wolves would do. This organizational structure is known as a "clan". Once there were many clans, but over the years only two or three have achieved dominance in Orcish society. Orcs are carnivores, and have no qualms about eating any sort of meat.. including Horse. Orcs have been known to eat meat from the corpses of other sentient species.

Orcs are humanoid in nature. They walk upright, and have the capabiity to speak. Over the years, the Orcs have integrated many Human words into their vocabulary, Because their mouths and throats are ill-suited to it, most Human words are slurred or distorted when spoken by an Orc. Orcs are generally shorter, stouter, and stronger than Humans. Their skin is a greenish-yellow color. Though intelligence varies, on the whole Orcs are generally less intelligent than Humans.


Elves have a very unique society. Like Humans, their origins are shrouded in mystery.. indeed much of their society is srouded in mystery. The Elven peoples are as diverse as the Humans, but their population is sorely lacking. Elves appear very much like humans physically, but have pointed ears. They are generally not as strong as Humans, but have a higher degree of aptitude with the Ether, and thus are more adept at magical things. Ovarall, their intelligence is on par with Humans.

Elves do not share the Humans strong belief system and tend to be withdrawn, keeping to themselves. Many elves feel an affinity for nature, especially forests. Elves speak their own ancient language, most of which contains vowels that cannot be pronounced by Humans. Humans and Elves are compatible for reproduction. The product of a Human and Elf mating is a Half-elf.


In actuality the Drow are also elves, but their society has developed much differently after years of seperation from the other types of elves. The Drow race has lived underground for many years, and have developed darker skin, and in most cases pale, whitish hair. They have less of an affinity for nature than other Elves, and seem to be constantly at odds with their progenitors. Drow generally have little or no regard for anyone else, though there are exceptions. Like other Elves, Drow are similar in intelligence to Humans, and of course.. have the Elven affinity for magic.


Lizardmen are very much similar to Orcs, as they were also created in a twisted experiment by Mondain the Wizard. They are much stronger than humans, but much less intelligent. They also have a spoken language, but it is not based on the Human language.


Another race created by Mondain in an experiment. Ratmen are a combination of Rats and Men. Ratmen are generally weaker than humans, and less intelligent than humans. They are the weakest of all of Mondains creations, and their language is the most limited.


Little is known about wisps, they appear to be completely magical in nature. They seem to wander individually, and do not congregate with other wisps. They have a complex language that not even the most talented of todays linguists can understand. Wisps are the oldest known race on Sosaria.


The Gargoyles are an ancient race.. even more ancient than Humans and Elves. Their society developed in a void where there were no other sentient species, as such they created a very definite and unique culture. Gargoyles are much stronger than humans.. and much more adept with magic, but they are on par with Humans in intelligence. The Gargoyles have both written and spoken languages, and are very similar to Humans in their belief systems. The Gargoyles were the first to discover the existance of the Ether, and the first to locate the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. They are responsible for deriving they system of Singulaity from its pages.

There are three types of Gargoyle: Winged Ones, Wingless Ones, and the Queen. The Winged ones are the "nobles" of Gargoyle society. The Wingless Ones serve as peasants, and the Oueen lays the eggs to promote the species. For many years, Humans had unjustly persecuted Gargoyles, because their species is akin to the race of Daemons and Balrons. More recently, we have discovered the Gargoyles to be a passionate, intelligent people. Today, their originate from the city of Vel Lor Reg in central Ilshenar.


The meer are an ancient Ilshenarian race. They are very similar to Elves, except their skin is blue, and they have ears similar to a cat. They share the elves affinity for nature. They are about as strong as humans, and about as intelligent as well. They are also no more adept at magic than Humans. The Meer race was just recently released from a state of suspended animation. They had gone into hibernation to protect their race from the onslaught of the Juka, who had been decimatng them for years.


The Juka are an advanced warrior race. for centuries they have honed their fighting techniques to perfection. Though they are not any stronger or more intelligent than a Human, they know how to make their strikes most effectively, and are most destructive to all the other races. Little is known about exactly where they come from, but they are under the command of Lord Blackthorn now.. apparently willingly.

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