If you're new to the Ultima universe, then this is the perfect site for you! Included here are the basics of Ultima lore and the History of Ultima Online. Even if you've never played Ultima Online, or are do not reside from the Great Lakes Shard, I'm sure you'll find some useful information.

Origin Systems, Incorporated (or OSI as most refer to it as) is the company that produced the Ultima Series. They're also responsible for the popular Wing Commander series. Long ago, a man named Richard Garriott created and programmed a game called "Akalabeth". Akalabeth was the precursor to the Ultima Series we know today. Eventually, there were 9 sequels to Akalabeth, Ultima 1 through Ultima 9.

If you're interested in learning about Origin Systems, or more about Ultima in general, Take a look at these sites:

The Ultima Compendium is a basic site with useful Ultima information.

The Ultima Archive might be considered the secret of the official UO site.

Relowwinski shares his thoughts on good roleplay development.

Notable Ultima is one of the older Ultima sites with good information.

Wikipedia's Ultima entry should not be missed.

Wing Comander CIC has a lot of information about Origin and its relation to Wing Commander.

The Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter is probably the oldest Ultima fanclub in existance.

Raph Koster is one of the original UO design members, and still designs MMO's today.

Mobygames has a lot of information on the Ultima series, pictures, release dates, and developer lists.

The Origin Museum was a great resource for all things Origin. This link goes to the archived page

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