The Origins of the High Council
by Lionel Alazraham

Everyone knows about the High Council, but as time has passed, the origins of the High Council have become shrouded in the mists of time. How did Britannia become a more democratic and arguably more enlightened society? Many people lay the credit at the feet of my grandfather, Marquis Alazraham.. but the real credit belongs to a different man, Lord Gailt Chamberman.

Gailt Chamberman was born a peasant. His family were farmers for generations. Chamberman decided that farming was not the life for him, instead becoming a pedestrian soldier in his majesty's army. He heroically saved his entire troop from disaster at the expense of his own safety.

Because of his valor, Lord British himself declared Gailt Chamberman to be a noble, granting him the title of Lord, and paying to him a salary for his services in managing the crops near his native home of Vesper.

Later, when the provisional government made its plans the heroism of Gailt Chamberman would once again come into play. I present to you the origins of the High Council, as reported by the Daily Herald in the year 356:

All Eyes on the Provisional Government

Since the recent departure of Lord British, the Provisional Government of Britannia has been overseeing the day-to-day routine of the Kingdoms operations. It is a group of a dozen nobles, who make these decisions when the King is incapacitated or otherwise indisposed.

Before the departure of Lord British, the last time the Provisional Government assembled was during His Majesty's feigned kidnapping at the hands of Minax. Today, they are preparing for one of the most important decisions they will ever make: Who will ascend to the throne of Britannia?

There are 5 rightful heirs to the throne of Britannia:

Lord Verithamus
Named as an heir by Lord British himself, Lord Verithamus is the patriarch of his family line, which extends by 3 generations under him. His family owns land holdings north of the Serpent's Spine mountain range, near the Shrine to Justice.

Lord Gailt Chamberman
He was born a commoner, but became a nobleman by act of the crown for his actions during the Troll siege of the year 312. He owns small holdings north of Britain.

Lady Bissell
She inherited her husbands house after all the male heirs mysteriously vanished. One of the richer nobles, it is said that she has tried to buy herself a new husband to no avail.

Lord Jorus
He was the Minister of the Interior under Lord British for 32 years, and is the favored candidate for heir. His family is the poorest of all the candidates, they own several plantations south of Britain.

Lady Manna
A direct descendant of King Wolfgang of the ancient land of Akalabeth, she is the daughter of Mondain's brother who fled that tyrannical rule. Her family owns holdings near the shrine of Sacrifice. Over the years, she and her father have made large efforts to distance themselves from Mondain's reputation.

By Law, the Provisional Government must choose the next ruler of Britannia by the Vernal Equinox of the year 357. This leaves them with just about a year to determine the outcome.

This is an unprecedented event in all of Britannian history, there has not been a change in rulership since the city of Britain was founded by Lord British in the year 17.

Lord Verithamus

The Following comes to us from Lord Verithamus, a candidate for the throne of Britannia:

Hail and well met, citizens of our great land.

I am Lord Verithamus of the Northern Forests. I am not a politician, and I am not a warrior. I became heir to the throne long ago, long before the introduction of the Earthlings to Britannia. You see, I was once presided over the court of truth.

One day, I was on the bench, listening to argument in a case involving stolen livestock, when lo and behold, a peasant came out from the audience and fired an arrow at the defendant, who was on the witness stand. I was a younger man then, and I dove from my bench to protect the lad. My right arm was paralyzed for my troubles, and I have not been able to use it since.

Perhaps as way of recognition for my act, Lord British declared me to be his brother, which makes me a legal heir to the throne of Britannia. I am not eager to hold such a position, but I do fear of the policies that the other heirs may enforce should they become king. Our kingdom needs Justice in these tumultuous times, and if I do become king, I vow to you, people of Britannia, that evildoers would indeed face swift justice at my own hands.

Walk in the law,
Lord Verithamus

Gailt Chamberman

An Introduction by Lord Gailt Chamberman, a candidate for the throne:

Greetings Britannia,

My name is Gailt Chamberman, and I am one of several heirs to the throne. Until just recently, I was the commander of a small group of warriors in His Majesty's army.. it was durin the time of those Followers of Armageddon, and their spellcasting nonsense. Those Troll Brothers, G'Thunk and G'Splat caused a ruckus near Vesper, and we were sent in to quell them.

Things did not go according to plan, and we found ourselves surrounded. We were trapped, but we held the line as best we could. Among my group was an apprentice mage, and we bid him open a moongate, so that we could all get to safety, and he did so.. but because of the number of the trolls, we could not retreat into it without the Trolls being able to enter as well.

I ordered the troops through the moongate while I stood and protected their exit from the Trolls. Once they had all vanished through the blue mist, I did my best to defeat the advancing Trolls to no avail. I was captured.

I don't know why the Trolls kept me alive, nor why they opposed our force so fiercely. There were other forces in the area more crucial than mine, but they seemed ded set on destroyign us. My captivity did not last long, as I was rescued after G'Splat died.

Though I am noble in title, I have never felt so, and I don't know if I would be a good King, but if I am chosen, I will do my best to protect the citizens, as I protected my troops so long ago.

Lord Gailt Chamberman

Lady Bissell

This introduction from Lady Bissell:

Hello all you fine, strapping young Brittannian men out there.. oh, and you women too.

I am the ravishing Lady Bissell, and I'm going to be your new Queen. I'll bring you citizens to a realm of pleasure that you have never before experienced, and you will all worship me for it! Our Tailoring industry will be the finest ever created, but clothing in our land will be totally optional.

When I am Queen we will have none of this silly virtue nonsense. What is modesty anyway? I say to you that we all have the same bodily parts, and the same bodily functions.. the same bodily desires! Why should we be ashamed of these things? We should revel in the pleasure of our bodies through ale and nightshade and intimate companionship. Why must we be limited to only one partner? Why must we have a partner at all?

I guarantee to you my delicious man-subjects (and women too) that you will not regret my tenure as Queen!

Lord Jorus

The following is the introductory from Lord Jorus:

Hail Britannia,

I am Lord Jorus, and I've been asked to introduce myself. I have served the people of Britannia for many years as Minister of the Interior. For 32 years I held this position, where it was my duty to manage the kingdoms budget, and oversee the distribution of grain in during the harshest of winter. I served in my own way, in my own time, and I have been quiet.

I have never sought to be the king, I have never sought to be anything other than a simple man. Though it is within my right to refuse the honor of being an heir, I think that it is an important thing that others would like to see me on the throne.

I am certainly capable of being the king, I know the job having served in the court for many years. I just have never given it much thought until recently. Why then should I deny the crown to myself?

If I am chosen to be king, I shall serve in this to the best of my ability. This I so swear.

Lady Manna

This by way of introduction for Lady Manna:

Greetings Britannia, I am Lady Manna.

Long ago, before Britannia existed.. before our land was in the shape it is today, and before the widespread use of magic there was a Kingdom very similar to Britannia. It was called Akalabeth, and it had a powerful monarch.. King Wolfgang.

Wolfgang was a good ruler, though he was much different from the more recent Lord British. Perhaps the largest difference being that Wolfgang and Akalabeth knew nothing of virtue, it was a time before this enlightenment.. in this way Akalabeth was a very different place.

As his father before him, Wolfgang and his wife the Queen produced two heirs for their throne. One of them was my father, the other was Mondain.

Mondain's dastardly actions killed my grandfather, and drove my family into exile.. not just because of the monsters plauging the land, but also because of the persecution we faced among our peers. We laid in exile for many years. Eventually, over the course of the 300 some odd years that have passed, we have once again obtained some caliber of respct among our peers, and we no longer hide. This is due in part fo Lord British, sho saw in my father someone who was unjustly persecuted.

My father died a respected man, as did his father and his father before him. Should I be any less respected? Should the actions of my Uncle, a distant relative impact upon the provisional government's decision?

I plead with you reading this, both citizens and government members alike, do not judge me for the actions of my wayward uncle. I am not he, and I do despise what he did. It is my family which still must endure the consequences of his crimes, yet in the end we did nothing to warrant it.

Lady Manna Speaks!

Tonight At Kazolas' tavern, Lady Manna will be on hand to answer your questions and address your issues on any political subject. As you all know, Lady Manna is one of the 5 persons in Britannia who are eligable to be the next King. The event begins at 9 PM Central.

This announcement comes late due to security concerns, as a number of death threats have been received by all of the candidates. The Herald will bring you complete coverage of this historic event!

Lady Manna Assassinated - Killers Still at Large

Last eve, in the candlelight of Kazola's patrons were gathered to hear a speech. A Speech from Lady Manna, one of 5 heirs to the Throne of Britannia. The Speech, which centered on educational reform, was cut short tragically by two assassins who had been waiting in the crowd.

Authorities announced this morning that an investigation revealed two culprits. The first, a man named Casey is a local mercenary, who has been linked to several other acts of violence. The other is a man known only as "bowhunter" who acted as Casey's accomplice. The former escaped after the assassination, the latter was felled by a patron at the tavern.

The two are part of a mercenary organization, so authorities suspect that they did not act of their own accord, but rather were paid for their services, there are only a few in Britannia who could afford such an endeavor. Authorities are searching for clues as to where the gold would come from.

Patrons and citizens alike are quick to point out the House of Stonesoul as a likely culprit, as a member of HSS was found cowering in the corner of the tavern after the assassination attempt. So far, authorites have made no comment regarding the HSS, but have said that they "will investigate all possible leads."

With one of their colleagues felled, the remaining 4 heirs are rightly nervous - each of them had planned a speech circuit to familiarize themselves with the needs of the citizens, now they are rethinking those plans.

Jorus, Chamberman, Bissell to appear!

Following Lady Manna's ill-fated quest to speak with Britannian Citizens, 3 of the 4 remaining heirs have decided to brave the unknown together.

Lord Jorus, Lord Gailt Chamberman, and Lady Bissell will join forces and appear to speak with the public on Tuesday the 21st at 8 PM Central. The great political event will be held at the Lycaeum on Verity Isle. Due to the threat of attack, it will be held in the Facet of Trammel.

Lord Verithamus found dead!

Investigators are abuzz today after a servant boy discovered the body of Lord Verithamus. The corpse was found sprawled over a writing table in his chambers, a dagger still embedded in its back. Authorities are combing the area searching for any possible clues to the identity of the assassin, but so far they report that no leads have been uncovered.

Lord Verithamus makes the second political assassination in as many weeks. Due to this, Lord Jorus, Lord Gailt Chamberman, and Lady Bissell have been asked to postpone their political event, but the three remain stalwart in the face of this tragedy.

"This is why we chose the facet of Trammel, the very nature of the facet prevents wanton destruction of lives," explains Lord Chamberman.

Political Summit ends in disaster.. again

Citizens of Britannia gathered at the Lycaeum on Tuesday eve to discuss the political state of Britannia with 2 of her possible heirs.

Lord Jorus was the first to take the floor, but was unable to make much of a dissertation, as the crowd was very displeased with him. Seeking refuge, he big Lord Chamberman speak, and he gladly did so.

Chamberman spoke for quite awhile with a dramatic tone which captured the heart of the people. Citizens were very protective of the would-be king, begging him not to open a recent gift he recieved. Not fearing for his life, Chamberman opened the gift and lived, having proven there was no threat to his life.

Shortly after this incident, a man.. apparently a messenger delivered a keg of ale to the Heir. Again, trying to prove there was no threat to his life, Chamberman drank the ale.. which turned out to be poisoned. Spectators quickly rushed to his aid and saved his life.

Chamberman continued his speech, championing the fact that no man is worthy to sit in the throne of Britannia.. a fact which sat very well with the majority of the spectators.

The fellow who had previusly delivered the ale then returned, presumably to assassinate chamberman. He was readily identified and stopped by a contingent of Highland Guard who were in attendance. The assassin then led the guard in a chase through Moonglow.

Spectators and speakers alike decided that the safest course of action for Lord Chamberman was to return him to his home in Felucca, Britain. And so an escort was formed to take him to his family land. Among the escort were Lord Jorus himself, as well as a large number of Highland Guard, and Marquis Alazraham.

As the crowd stepped through the moongate to Britain, they became seperated. While the group held to await the stragglers, the assassin struck with a poison warfork. Though his assailant were felled quickly, Chamberman succumbed to the deadly poison of the fork, and died atop his horse.

Afterwards, the assassin was unmasked and revealed as a small-time corpse looter named "Picky". There was little else the escort could do, but collect what evidence they could, and return to the lands of Trammel.

Authorities state that they are somewhat closer to finding the mastermind behind these deadly assassinations which have claimed the lives of 3 out of 5 potential successors to the throne. Prime suspests at this moment are Lord Jorus, who was missing after the assassination, and Lady Bissell who was scheduled to appear at the summit, but failed to appear due to illness.

A Woman Named Angharad

Nearly 10 days ago, Lord Verithamus was murdered in the safety of his own home. At the scene of the crime, Verithamus was found slumped over his writing table with a dagger in his back. Today authorities announced that they have captured his assassin. Suprisingly, the assassin was a woman. A woman named Angharad.

At this point, the press is not allowed to examine the evidence against her, nor allowed to speak with her. We are told she is being treated well, and that authorities expect to have answers soon.

New King selected, gala tomorrow!

The Provisional Government has decided upon Britannia's new King! Word passed down to the press today states that the Council has chosen one of the two remaining candidates as the absolute ruler of all Britannia. This comes just days before the deadline to choose the next Heir.

Tomorrow, Friday the 31st at 7 PM central, there will be a Governors Gala and coronation ceremony for the new King. It will take place in the throne room of Castle Britannia, and will be open to the general public.

Pursers at the castle remind patrons to wear their best clothing, as this is a formal event.

Special Report: Chaos at the Castle!

Like so many things in the political race for Britannia's crown, todays coronation ceremony ended in utter disaster. Lives were lost, tenshion was heightened, and the throne remains vacant.

Let us start at the beginning of the evening. The caretakers of Castle Britannia had cleaned the red carpet and scrubbed the walls. The home to Britannia's monarch was in fine shape, for what looked to be a fine evening. Though the coronation didnt begin until 7 in the eve, the audience began to arrive at a quarter till six. The Kings dining chamber was prepared with the finest flatware, and everyone seemed at ease that there would be a new king in Britannia.

Lady Bissell and Lord Jorus arrived and took their place on the throne dias. They stood side by side, awaiting the announcement. They themselves did not know who would be chosen king. The clock struck seven, and the Marquis made his speech. He recounted the tale of how the other 3 heirs to the throne had been assassinated. Then, the moment was upon us all. The Marquis unfurled the parchment and read the name within: Lord Jorus.

The Crowd was mostly ecstatic, many of them did not want to see a woman ruler on the throne, and they had gotten their wish, but Lady Bissell had not gotten hers. She ripped the parchent from the Marquis in disbelief. She shouted angrily and finally, the began to attack Lord Jorus.. Lord Jorus the King of Britannia.

Instantly, there was a raucus, as General Nero lept from his place in the audience onto the dias. With haste, he ran Bissell through, her lifeless corpse flopped into the marble steps. He had succeeded in defending his king, though it would not be so great a victory as expected.

The crowd was becoming unruly, among them the Highland Guard tried to calm them.. but they would not be calm. Commissioner Alec DeLeon of the Kilted Police rode his mount directly into the proceedings, demanding the cessation of the coronation. He claimed to have uncovred evidence that both Lord Jorus and Lady Bissell had conspired with the Provisional Government to assassinate the 3 deceased heirs to the throne. Between the fresh King and the Commissioner was a heated exchange of words, and finally Jorus admitted his guilt.

The crowd called for the hanging of their king, some called for his arrest, but neither would be. The Order of the Silver Serpent are the only persons who can rightfully depose royalty, and General Nero was somehow incapacitated by a spell cast by Jorus.

Jorus pushed his way through the crowd, which was so chaotic at this point that they did not notice him. The few who did gave chase. Fights broke out among the congregation, and the carpet and walls were stained with blood.

Just as mysteriously as he was incapacitated, Nero snapped to. He assessed the situation, and did his best to apprehend the fugitive king. Jorus threatened meanacingly with his weapon, and threatened patrons in the audience. On more than one occasion he shouted "I will not be taken alive!" The prediction on his part came true.

He wasn't.

When Jorus contrinued to attack Nero, the General was forced to kill him in self defense. The crowd was near riot, and the Highland Guard lept into action, trying to disperse the crowd. Deleon, Nero, and Jakob Covenant together swore to band together a group of nobles and maintain order over a leaderless nation.

For the moment, Britannia maintains irs relative order while the evidence brought before the court of Truth is examined. Should this vital evidence prove worthy.. let us hope the virtues will protect us.

The Moran Reports

As you may recall, uncovered evidence from the assassination of the 3 heirs led to the discovery of a conspiracy within the Provisional Government to have Jorus become ruler of Britannia. This evidence is known collectively as "The Moran Reports", and it is several hundred pages of transcribed records, bank notes, sketches, and signed confessions. It is so named for the leader of the conspiracy, an the leader of the Provisonal Government.. Lord Moran. Because of its prolific bulk, we've boiled the report down into a concise summary for your perusal.

1. Lady Manna
Lady Manna was the first heir to die. You may recall that she was a relative to Mondain, and was killed during her speech at Kazolas tavern. Two man, one named Casey and one named Bowhunter were hired by Lord Jorus to assassinate Lady Manna. Lady Manna had turned down Lord Moran's offer to join his conspiracy to put Jorus on the throne. Specific documents in the Moran Reports show that bank checks were released to both Casey and Bowhunter after the assassination. They are still at large, but much of their assets have been seized.

2. Lord Verithamus
Lord Verathamus was killed before he was able to confer with the public. Twelve days ago, he was found slumped over his writing desk with a poisoned dagger in his back. When his body was remove for burial, a note was discovered that he had written just moments before his death.. it had one word: "Angharad". Angharad was the assassin who killed Verithamus. She had been working in the guise of a maid for his familys household.. but before she worked as a maid for Verithamus, she worked as a groundskeeper for Lord Jorus. In the reports there are also records of a bank check being made out to Angharad from Lord Moran. Additionally, the dagger used to murder Verithamus had the Grandmasters mark of Blacksmith Coffey, who works for the Jorus household. Angharad was caught and signed a confession, a confession pointing the finger straight at Moran.

3. Lord Gailt Chamberman
Chamberman was perhaps the most beloved of all the Candidates for king. His speeches at the Lycaeum drew quite a crowd. Though Lord Jorus was jealous of Chamberman, he could not bring himself to provide for the assassination of Chamberman. The two had been childhood friends. Insteal, Jorus commissioned the creation of explosive boxes which would haev killed Chamberman.. but jorus disarmed the boxes to protect his old friend. Lord Moran knew of this, and so had Lady Bissell hire an assassin to kill Chamberman on his way home from his historic meeting. The assassination succeeded. The assassin named Picky did not survive the attack, but there were also records of bank notes being transferred from Bissell to Picky.

4. The Provisional Government
The Provisional Government normally exists in a secretive state so that the members of the government can not be coerced or blackmailed by whatever roughians may wish to do so. While the Moran Reports mention them by name, we are not allowede to republish those named, save that of Lord Moran who led the Provisional Government. All but two of the members of the Provisional Government were found to be corrupt. Signed confessions by everyone except Lord Moran present a filleting picture for the interim government, especially in light of the minutes of the council meetings which are also included in the Moran reports.

What will become of Britannias government now that virtually everyone involved with it has been corrupted? There is talk now of going back to the old Feudal system, where Lords commanded the commoners.. but a more progressive movement is calling for the democratization of Britannia.

Government for the People, by the People

The following is a letter sent by Marquis Alazraham to various leaders throughout the realm. We publish it here, as it is intended for all to read.

Dear friends of Britannia,

When I think on the events of the days past, my heart is saddened by the frequency of which the blood of our bretheren has been spilt. We all know of the events at the coronation ceremony, and we know that Britannia now has no legal heirs remaining to take the throne. Our Provisional Government is corrupt, and has disbanded in the days since. Even Lord Moran has hidden himself, lest the peoples wrath destroy him.

What is to become of Britannia? Our peaceful nation which has endured for over three-hundred fifty years is now at a crossroads. Some people have advocated a return to the feudal system, where nobles and other aristocracy ruled their governorships absolutely. To this, I say nay. Each of the cities of Britannia was once a smaller kingdom with an aristocratic rule, and these nations warred among one another for resources, and for the affections of their neighbors.

If not a feudal system, how else might we expect to provide for the people? The Ancient Kingdom of Akalabeth was much like the rule of our own Lord British, something denied to us now. The Gargoyle race is ruled by a Queen, who also gives birth to the entire race.. I doubt this will do. Blackthorn would have us be trodden into the soil by his literal iron fist.. a despot on the throne.

I found myself in this quandry as of late and as I pondered upon the subject, I was invited to speak at the funeral of Lord Gailt Chamberman. I did not know him well, but I accepted the invitation. If my speaking would in some way help to alleviate the grief of his wife and daughter, then I welcomed the opportunity.

Perhaps more significant to my quandry than my eulogy was a parcel that the family gave me. Lady Chamberman told me she thought it were "government documents" of some sort, and as there be no government she thought that i would know to whom they should be delivered. I knew not.

Later in the eve, I remembered the package. As it was not a private affair, and there were no government to speak of, I saw no harm in opening the parcel and reading the contents. What I read has the potential to revolutionize the very fundamentals of Britannian Government.

No, these were no government documents, this was a plan to create a new and exciting kind of government. A government where all men share power. A government where persons are judged my their abilities, and not by their bloodlines. A government which serves the people instead of the people serving the government.

To say the least, Lord Gailt Chambermans message from the grave was compelling. I stay awake the entire night reading over it, and debating it in my mind. From this document I discerned 3 points:

1. There are no legal heirs to Rule Britannia, and no way of producing or declaring other heirs.
2. The Feudal system, the only other type of rule in our recorded history simply will not yield prosperity for Britannias citizens.
3. The citizens of Britannia are a bright and thoughtful bunch, and I believe are very well capable of governing themselves under Lord Chambermans system.

So then, I write this correspondance to solicit your support for a new way of government. One where the people decide their own fate. I have enclosed a copy of the documents in Chambermans Parcel for your perusal. At present, I have garnered approval from several high-profile people including General Nero from OSS, Jakob from the Highland Guard, Elijah of the Royal Knights, and Rath Stonesoul from Skara Brae.

Within the package was the following document:

The Royal Constitution of the Kingdom of Britannia

Article 1: Purpose

Grant of Power. The power of the High Council of Britannia ("the council") derives directly from the Throne of Britannia. As advisors to the king, the council is answerable to his person and his laws, and is expected and authorized to speak on his behalf when he is unavailable.

Authority. The council assists and supports The king in his daily management of the realm. Specifically, the council is authorized to pass laws that do not contradict the basic tenets set forth by Lord British. Additionally, the council may authorize and oversee the operation of local governments in any of the cities represented by its councilors.

Responsibilities. The council serves as advocate for the needs of Britannia's citizens, to uphold and support the rule of the King, and to promote the eight Virtues. The council is also expected to preserve, promote, and enhance the unique cultural heritage and identity of the realm.

The document continues, but has been abridged for this exhibit

High Council accepting applications

Hail Britannia!

I am pleased to announce that the new Britannian High Council is now taking applications for the following positions:

First Seat, representing Sacrifice and the city of Minoc
Second Seat, representing Honor and the city of Trinsic
Third Seat, representing Justice and the city of Yew
Fourth Seat, representing Humility and the city of Magincia
Fifth Seat, representing Valor and the city of Jhelom
Sixth Seat, representing Compassion and the city of Britain
Seventh Seat, representing Honesty and the city of Moonglow
Eighth Seat, representing Spirituality and the city of Skara Brae
Ninth Seat, representing Balance

A Councilor represents the citizens in his city, and promotes the patron virtue of that city. The duties and Responsibilitied of the Councilors are defined in the Constitution under Article 2 and Article 5, and Article 6. Requirements for eligability are defined in Article 4.

At the moment, only domestic Ambassadors are open for application.

A domestic Ambassador represents those cities, provinces, or towns which do not have direct representation on the High Council. This refers to cities such as Vesper. The responsibilities of an Ambassador are defined in Article 3 of the Constitution. Eligibility requirements are listed under Article 4.

The High Council is looking for guilds who wish to be a part of an organized national militia. These guilds would be subordinate to the Grand Marshall. Military requirements are listed in the Constitution under Article 9, as well as the Charter of the Royal Armed Forces (which is listed after the constitution).

High Council formed!

Hail, my friends!

It is my pleasure to inform you that the selections for the members of the High Council is complete! Here are the results that you have all been waiting for:


First Seat - Jakob Covenant, representing Sacrifice and the city of Minoc
Second Seat - Duke Gurney Halleck, representing Honor and the city of Trinsic
Third Seat - Kazola, representing Justice and the city of Yew
Fourth Seat - Ra'Dian Fi'Gith, representing Humility and the city of Magincia
Fifth Seat - Admorel Twilight, representing Valor and the city of Jhelom
Sixth Seat - Galinda, representing Compassion and the city of Britain
Seventh Seat - Kellor, representing Honesty and the city of Moonglow
Eighth Seat - Rath Stonesoul, representing Spirituality and the city of Skara Brae
Ninth Seat - Ravenmaster, representing Balance


Zaknafein Durden, representing the city of Cove
Lilly Thann, representing the city of Vesper
Malone, representing the city of Serpent's Hold

Some of the results are still preliminary, so some of the exact vote tallies are still not known. They will be announced when they become available. You may now view the candidates applications on the High Council public forums, available to the left.

Those of you listed above, congratulations! There were many great candidates who applied, but sadly too few positions for all of you.

A Neutral High Council?

From Jakob Covenant:

I have been hearing from some disaffected people that the High Council only represents and is composed of the virtue aligned guilds, so therefore it has no legitimacy.

Bullocks! Since when does a government have to be representative of criminals, malefactors, and misfeasors?

One of the most important functions of a government is to protect its citizens. How can a government effectively protect citizens if the same government is composed of criminals and murderers who seek to exploit or wreak havoc on the citizenry? It would be ridiculous to have laws against thievery in order to protect citizens and commerce, when theThief’s Guild is part of the law-making and enforcing body.

The High Council represents the common, law-abiding, people of Britannia. We do not represent people who would kidnap an innocent and then sacrifice the poor innocent to some dark forsaken demon. We do not represent thieves. We do not represent criminals. So in this respect, there is no neutrality. Either a government promotes the well being and good of the people, or it does not. There is no middle of the road here. However, the High Council does maintain the Seat of Neutrality in order to prevent excesses made in the name of good.

You are a thief and you want a say in the government? That is what a thief’s guild is for. They have long bribed officials and guards to do what they please. Are you an outlaw? Then build connections with other outlaws as done before in history. I know corruption will exist at some level, no matter how hard we strive to stamp it out.

In a way, the High Council does a service to those that are evil or outlaw. For in a place without laws, then there would be no outlaws. So evil may shake its clawed and poisonous fist at the High Council all it wants, but we will maintain our duty to protect and promote civil society.

Yours in service,

Jakob Covenant
First Seat – High Council
Commander – Highland Guard

And so you have it, the story of the High Council as told by the people of the time. Truly, it was a golden age in Britannia. May she be so blessed once again.

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