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Hail and well met!

Welcome to 2008, and welcome to the 2008 Women of Roleplay calendar! We've worked hard to produce a calendar that is worthy of the stunning ladies contained therein, and it's our utmost hope that you enjoy it as much as we do. Please, stay awhile, enjoy the music, peruse the site, and when you're ready visit the downloads section for the latest calendar.

Best wishes in the new year!

About the calendar:

Ways of the World and Deep Space 180 Broadcasting present The Great Lakes Women of Roleplay 2008 Calendar, a collaborative effort designed and produced by Carde of Skara Brae and Elder Klaitu.

The artistic theme for the calendar is "A day at the faire" and will feature the various ladies participating in faire activities. The chosen artwork style is Graphic Novel/comic book style, Ink and color.

The Calendar will be available as a series of desktop wallpaper downloads. Artworks from the calendar project will be used in other products, including a screensaver, mousepads, etc.

The digitally distributed items will be free of charge. Other products will be available in an online store. The only products in the store will be those which cost money to produce. More information on pricing for physical items will become available closer to release.


Every character in the calendar is a REAL character. There are both men and women extras, and some of them are alternate characters! Some of them are friends gone long ago. Even if you've put Ultima Online behind you, we welcome you to take a look and reminisce about times past, and what might have been.