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This is the Daily Herald banner exchange administration page. I apologize for the crude look of the page, and the crudeness of the interface, it's all programed in Perl, and I am not proficient with perl just yet. Rest assured, that the Exchange works perfectly, despite the look here on the admin page.

If you are considering joining the Banner Exchange, you need to have your banner ready to go first. It can be a JPG or a GIF, but it must be 120 pixels wide and 300 pixels high. All banners on the Exchange are identical in size.

There are some basic rules for the exchange.. obviously no profanity, no naked people. UO guilds and UO related websites are all eligable, even if they're not neccessarily Great Lakes.

Task Description
Join the Exchange Enter your details and become a member of BannerPlus banner exchange.
Members Only Modify your details and review your statistics.